The School of Design and Creative Arts supports a number of awards that provide exciting opportunities for our students to highlight their skills and ideas, to work on different projects, as well as industry briefs and provide students special recognition for their work.

Creative Arts Awards 2023

These were presented at an awards ceremony on Friday 16th June prior to the Creative Arts Private View event. The students were invited with their private view guests to the presentation, where VC Nick Jennings, Dean Cees de Bont and Senior Lecturer Andrew Selby hosted and presented the awards.

Potclays Award – Undergraduate

Potclays Limited established in 1932, Potclays has grown to be a leading award winning provider of ceramic supplies and training. Each year they offer a £50 materials voucher plus digital marketing support to be awarded to a graduating student who is likely to take their ceramic practice forward into their future career. They hope that the award will provide encouragement when it is needed most, and that the exposure we can offer through our extensive social media and mailing list networks will boost awareness and interest in the winner’s ceramic practice and future plans.

Winner: Emily Lavarack (Fine Art)
Prize £50 voucher

John Mack Award – Foundation

John Mack was the Foundation technician who excelled in covering all the topics, administrating advice on technical issues that were broad and expansive, and his knowledge was second to none. His goal was for all students to grow, mature in the skills he gave to them, making them feel confident to tackle new ground and explore the edge of their perceived capacity with relentless care. He shaped studentship. John sadly passed away in 2010 and this prize recognizes his contribution to the School and to the many students he helped move into careers in the creative industries. This award highlights those students who have shown tenacity to push boundaries and excel in their chosen field.

Prize: £50 voucher each


Yanina Temple Colour Award – Foundation

Yanina was a Foundation tutor specialising in Textiles & Fashion who worked on Foundation for 30 years, she was an enthusiastic supporter of the mixing, exploration and use of colour, she never wore black and loved colour in all its forms. She retired in September 2020 and her colourful energy is very much missed in our studios.

This award highlights those students who have shown outstanding development, sensitivity, combinations and impact with the use of colour.

Prize: £50 voucher each


Edward Sharp Fund – Undergraduate

One or more purchase prizes to be awarded for a work or works of art or design by final year students selected from the Undergraduate Finalist Degree Show by a panel chaired by the Director of the School. The work purchased by the prize will become part of the University’s collection and be displayed around the University campus as agreed with the Vice-Chancellor’s Office. Edward Sharp was a former principal of Loughborough College of Art and Design and set up a fund to assist the College’s students on his retirement.

Winner: Amina Pagliari (Fine Art)

Winner: Sophie Davies (Fine Art)

Leicester Print Workshop Award (Undergraduate Arts)

Supports graduating printmakers by offering a LPW prize to Fine Art students at Loughborough University.

Winner: Buksi Osundina (Fine Art)

Diverse Voices in Textiles Award

In partnership with The Clothworkers’ Foundation, the Diverse Voices in Textiles Award pays tribute to distinguished textile practitioners who have otherwise been under-represented within curriculums and the history of textiles. This award serves to recognise an individual textiles finalist who is Black, Asian or from another Ethnic Minority; someone who identifies with the LGBTQI+ community; a person living with a disability, or an individual textiles finalist who is tackling broader social and cultural contexts of the discipline through a critical approach to textiles practice.

Winner: Worthy Clever-Egbedi (Textiles)

Winner: Sarika Dhorajiwala (Textiles)

Access Group Award

The School has been working closely with the the Access group based in west park on Campus and after a few years of loaning works they have followed our have now started their own collection now calling itself the access group award.

Winner: Eloise Badger (Fine Art)

Rosy Chetwyn Appleton Positive Impact Award

Rosy worked as Technical Tutor in Weave, where she brought so much passion, colour and dedication to the programme and its’ students. Her love and passion for weave was echoed in her beautiful designs. She found joy in creating unique pieces and helping students to do the same. She leaves behind a legacy of creativity, astounding talent, and wonderful wit. She had such a positive impact on all of us here in Creative Arts.

To honour Rosy’s life and passion, this award which celebrates ‘Positive Impact and Action’ will be awarded each year to a student within the SDCA who’s work, emulates the positivity, passion and joy which Rosy delivered so effortlessly.

The school will be making a donation to Loros.

Winner: Chloe Matthews (Textiles)

Innovation Awards 2023

As part of our annual Degree Show at Loughborough School of Design & Creative Arts in June and we also hold our Innovation Award competition. These awards have 4 categories (Design, Fine Art, Graphics & Textiles) and aim to highlight our students’ final year projects with the most commercial potential, and we have panel of 3 industry leaders as judges for each category.

Student created one minutes videos to highlight their work, industry contacts judged them to find their “one to watch” and collective overall winners for each category. The industry judges then attended the industry event and presented the winners in person.

Fine Art

  • One to watch – Colette Griffin: Tinaye Makuyana – In Pursuit of the White Rabbit
  • One to watch – Bruce Asbestos: Livvy Azzopardi – Slip Casting Excavated Materials
  • Overall winner: Erin Sparks – Looking back to move forward



  • One to watch – Janssen/Johnson & Johnson: Nitya Thawani – Thali – Content Aggregation for the Curious South Asian
  • One to watch – Sweet Cherry Publishing: Rebecca Ayres – Sniff Test Campaign
  • One to watch – Signet Branding: Ruth Shogelola – Sickle Cell awareness
  • Overall winner: Ruth Shogelola – Sickle Cell awareness


  • One to Watch – Cambridge Consultants: Robert McKinna – Pheonix
  • One to Watch – Native Design: Jessica Gardner – Pip
  • One to watch – Proctor & Gamble: Ellen Callaghan – Rae
  • Overall winner: Ellen Callaghan – Rae

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Visionary Creators

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