Nitya Thawani

Storytelling is my design superpower. I believe the solutions to problem solving in design lie in the intersection of a conscientious understanding of your target audience and carefully curated storytelling. My design playgrounds: Figma, After Effects and all things UX.

Final Project

Bubble by Barclays – D&AD New Blood Winner 2023

A new mobile app designed to curb impulsive spending in those with ADHD

58% of people with ADHD find spending impulsively to be their biggest money-related barrier and are four times more likely to impulse-spend than those without the condition. Impulsive spending can significantly impact one’s everyday life, financial freedom and mental wellbeing.

Bubble is designed to help those with ADHD manage their triggers and impulsive spending habits in a fun, friendly and interactive way. Small money-centric tasks and interventions provide ‘dopamine-friendly’ alternatives to curb impulsivity and encourage the view that your money has the power to give you freedom whilst also being something delicate that should be handled with care – just like a bubble.

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Research and Ideation

Both primary interviews and secondary research were used to inform Bubble. Concept user testing helped assure Bubble stayed as true to its target user as possible.

Wireframing and Design

Digital and analog wireframing iterations helped build out the UX and UI design of the app interface.

Prototyping and Animation

Figma and After Effects were used to create hi-fi mockups, prototype the application and animate the explainer pitch.

Thali: Content Aggregation for the Curious South Asian

Many young South Asians grow up seeing very little representation of themselves in the media. “Thali” is the ultimate content aggregation app, bringing together customised articles, social media posts, videos and more to the diaspora, from the diaspora.

Who are our users?

  • The BBCD – British-Born Confused Desi
  • The Curious Coconut – Brown on the outside… you see where this is going…
  • The Diaspora – From New York to Toronto and Dubai to East London – migrate don’t hate!

Ripe and unready, aged 14-25.

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Features – The Katoris

Thali makes access to curated South Asian content as easy as 1..2..3! ‘Thalis’ are a user’s daily round up – three pieces of content, one read, one listen and one laugh. Have a question? Users can ask our Question Guru for help! It’s totally anonymous, we promise ammi-ji won’t find out. Chitti Sheets are the ultimate guide to all things cultural, giving users the low-down in bite-sized bits.

The (un-agonising) agony-aunty-ji we all wish we had to turn to

Just as every person is different, every Thali will be different too. Users’ Thalis are completely customisable and tailored to their tastes – See something you loved? Users can share or compare their Thali with dosts and parivaar alike!

Meta Grand Prix – The Future of Formula 1

Fans of Formula 1 have long been complaining about the cost of following the sport. By 2033 VR technology will be as omnipresent as the modern smartphone. MetaGP brings Formula 1 into the Metaverse allowing fans to experience the best of both worlds – watching the races both ‘in-person’ and at home, and all at a price point that aligns better with the everyday budget.

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Work Experience

  • 2021/22 Placement Year: The Walt Disney Company, Design Intern
  • Summer 19/20 Internship: LUSH Cosmetics, Design and Marketing Intern

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