Chloe Matthews

Passionate, commercially minded designer with experience in both business in the UK and Europe.

Final Project

Fish Are Friends

During my final project I made fabrics that provoke thoughts of the oceans and ocean life, by using materials that harm both. Cotton using an obscene amount of water to farm, drying up seas in the process. Ghost gear (discarded or lost fishing equipment) that has been washed up on beaches, which is also deadly to ocean life. I explored the positive effects the ocean has on our mental health, whilst making an ironic statement about how we decorate our homes using materials that destroy the habitat of ocean life. 

Graphic Waves

3 Weft Jacquard design using my primary research as inspiration.

The stormy ocean

Passementerie weaving on a 24 shaft arm loom using space dyed cotton in the warp and deconstructed fishing rope in the weft to create fringing throughout this sample.

Handwoven samples

Calming waves

Handwoven single cloth sample made up of 100% donated cotton.

Ghost waves

Handwoven passementerie weave using a mixture of cotton and discarded fishing rope in the weft.

An organised ocean

Single cloth handwoven sample made up of cotton and lurex.

Work Experience

Print Design Intern at Le Studio Copenhagen. Working closely with print designers and their sales representative to gain valuable experience in all the aspects of their business. Responsibilities include designing repeat prints, formatting prints for the website, assisting on sales calls with clients and creating social media posts.

I established a social enterprise business capitalising on public demand for locally produced and ethically sourced face masks. Supplying local businesses, members of the public and NHS families making over 2000 face masks in total. Responsibilities include sourcing of up-cycled and recycled materials, design and manufacturing, organisation of production line, social media advertising/ PR, keeping a high customer satisfaction rating along with sales and delivery.

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