Emily Ingram

Multi Media textiles artist with a keen eye for detail and a love for sustainable design.

Final Project

Powered by Propaganda

We are manipulated and moulded to conform within a society in which decisions are made for us and propaganda is the norm. We need to take back control of our thoughts and our decisions to break away from the sway of the masses trained for consumption. Reclaim your actions, make decisions based on your own instincts.


Mass media has caused an ‘infodemic’ – an overabundance of information some accurate, some not – leading us to become more susceptible to misinformation and confirmation bias. Through use of media and news, information is being tailored to suit individuals to determine sure-fire outcomes. This slowly changes our opinions and decisions to suit companies and encourage unnecessary consumption.

We are the product. Propaganda is the cause. Consumption is the prize.


This project aims to encourage the regaining of control through allowing the viewer the ability to manipulate and change each design. The user is given the illusion of regaining control of their decisions however, in reality each design has been created for certain outcomes therefore being propaganda in itself.



Immersive and manipulative experiences targeted towards the viewer, aimed at fully engaging the audience within each piece.

Journey to the Show

Convenience Culture

We need to slow down production. Society today is too dependant on convenience. Next day deliveries. Abundance of raw materials. Convenience shops. We need to be more conscious. Irrational buying decisions leads to rubbish. Rubbish goes to landfill. We are insatiable consumers. It is unsustainable. Change is imperative. Consumption needs to be reduced.

From high quality materials, to a race for the next trend. Deep cultural significance – to throw away culture. How do we change?

My aim is to make you question and think twice about its meaning, through conventional and unconventional design and through the use of hard and soft materials. Design that is purposefully inconvenient. Purposefully questionable.

Work Experience

September 2021 – October 2021


October 2021 – July 2022

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