Final Project


This project takes inspiration from ‘spiralling’, exploring the apparent visual aspect of spirals and the more obscure connections.

Responses were made by investigating the concept of ‘spiralling out of control’, depicting emotions and a sense of disconnection.

Consideration was also given to the form and texture of spirals within nature, capturing a sense of fluidity.

Drypoint Etching

These prints are dry point etching plates that were influenced by concentric circles found in tree trunks, Suminagashi Japanese marbling and the observation of water. The weight of the lines varies, creating depth and texture. 

Long Exposure Photography

Spirographs and pendulum art inspire this light trail photograph. The desolate location creates a sense of loneliness, effectively reflecting the emotions of mentally spiralling. 

Paper Engineering

This paper engineering explores activities to aid in the prevention of mentally spiralling. The geometric design exquisitely exhibits fluid movement, which is visually satisfying and calming. 

Motion Graphic

The paper manipulation’s movement inspired the motion graphic, which was developed to be meditative and relaxing. The location and sound were also thoughtfully chosen to enhance the effectiveness of the piece. 

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