Final Project

Degree Show

My Degree Show work revolves around the themes of family, memories and nostalgia, and British Nature. I look at the concept of how I can materialise my own memories. Through my chosen mediums of illustration and ceramics, I create vases and pond animals that capture certain cherished childhood moments.

My family have always had a love for the more peculiar animal, such as newts, beetles, frogs, and by spending so much of my childhood by ponds, these animals and experiences are very important to me personally. So I began using depictions of British pond life as a metaphor for my family members, in hopes of also producing an element of quirky charm that I enjoy.

Throughout my exhibition I narrate this story of my childhood through the use of vases, illustrations and anthropomorphised ceramic creatures. 

Inspired also by many children’s books, in the fondness and nostalgia of a certain type of illustration. My watercolour illustrations go hand in hand with the ceramics I have created. 

I have a deep personal connection to everything I make, I want my creations to emulate a precious quality to the viewer.

In the hopes that they look at my art with the same fondness I do, without needing to even understand my memories behind the work.

Selected works in the exhibition will be for sale, as well as a small range of reproduction Giclee prints, cards and original vases.

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