Final Project

<Nudes & All of us>

Nudes and All of us is my final project at Loughborough University that focuses on portraiture, the gaze and colour. Nudes is a reduction print series with a single subject. All of us is an oil painting series of three different subjects.


Nudes is a reduction print series. The title gives indication to each layer of individual print and the nudes tones within them. Each stage of the printing process is made to provide a different outcome and response from the viewer no matter how subtle. Thus each print can be seen as a stand alone.

All of us

All of us is a three part portraiture series on wood. These detailed oil paintings are simple and quiet pieces that consist of subjects produced by a combination of the imagination and found images. The title of the work is a small guide with no clear assumption, ultimately the audience are able to interpret the work themselves.

Journey to the Show

I have placed plywood onto MDF that is half an inch thick. This was to give more dimension and raise the piece from the wall.

Each piece consists of 10 blocks of different sizes, A4, A5 and A6 that are arranged differently for each piece. Fragmenting the portraits adds a fun twist and was my way of moving away from the traditional aspect of portraitures. The bright pop of colour is a signature in many of my works.

Each painting consists of the nude, not only tying in with my prints but also to create a more revealing approach to the pieces by showing more skin.

I had decided a few layers into the reduction print process to save a print during each remaining stage. This was to see and remember the progress I had made and what outcomes I preferred. Now, I am pleased to have documented the journey.

Adding the shade of pink for the blush really brought the print to life. This is where the subject began making a more distinct appearance. The blush adds to my signature of a bright/vibrant colour yet is still consistent with the shades of nude.

After adding the previous layer of blush to my prints, the process became more exciting as it came to life. Here the character of my subject began to show and the mood of the overall piece was forming. This is where I also began to be more selective of what to strip away in the lino.

Work Experience

Before university I had a years worth of work experience as a sales assistant in a small business called Let’s Learn. This was a retail and craft centre that handled alteration and taught people how to knit, sew and crochet clothes, bags, accessories etc. Here I was also given the opportunity to teach simple beginner art classes to children from ages 8-14 once a week.

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