Ellen Callaghan

I design to bring meaningful experiences into peoples daily lives.

Final Project

Rae – An at Home Cervical Screening Device

Rae is a service and device that takes away the discomfort and embarrassment from cervical screening. 1 in 3 women aged 25-29 skip their cervical screening appointment, due to factors such as embarrassment, fear of pain and time.

Rae provides a convenient alternative users can do in the privacy of their own home. The design uses the familiarity of inserting a tampon to make the process less intimidating.

How it Works

The HPV test comes with a reusable applicator and a single use swab. The device is inserted like a tampon, and a mechanism within the device enables users to press the button at the top to spin the swab, getting an accurate and reliable sample. Users then return the swab to the pharmacy, and the applicator can be sterilised in the dishwasher ready to be used once again.


The packaging of Rae is designed to be discreet so that users feel comfortable purchasing their sampling kits in the shop. The use of modern beauty-like branding elevates the self-sampling experience, making it more approachable and less clinical.

A Tampon Like Interaction

Women are already familiar with using tampons, which makes the transition to our self-sampling applicator seamless and intuitive. The size and tapered shape makes it easy to insert and ensure a gentle and non-invasive sampling procedure.

Hygienic Lid

The applicator device is made from mediprene TPE with a Saniconcentrate coating making it safe to reuse after washing, the device comes with a lid to further protect it. The angled shape is designed to be similar to a lipstick making it more desirable.

Duo – A Tangible Financial Aid for Couples

The Problem

When two people get married and combine incomes, it is uncommon to implement financial practices into their relationship. Money is a cause of conflict in many marriages. And managing finances is especially difficult in the current cost of living crisis.


Each partner sets their planned weekly expenses, this will generate a shared weekly budget. As both partners spend, data will be visualised onto duo. Both partners will physically see their spending giving better awareness of areas they spend too much in. As savings increase the ring part of the device will change weight giving a tangible feeling of saving. The device with naturally evoke conversation about finance. As the couple begin to align their financial goals and learn to budget more they will reach their financial milestones a lot quicker.

Duo has a switch on the side to flick between finance mode and basic light mode for privacy. The device can be removed from the dock and placed anywhere in the home. The weight of the device reflects the users saving amount.


  • Student Starpack awards – Silver Award
  • World Star Packaging awards – Certificate of Recognition
  • Diploma of Professional Studies

Work Experience

Makino Milling Machine Co., Ltd., Tokyo. Sept. 21-Sept.22

As part of a design team of 4 I used wireframing, prototyping and user testing to to develop a new Human Machine Interface for the Makino machine product range. My role involved designing future machine interface concepts utilising sketching and CAD software.

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