Yasmin Elizabeth Gratton

I am an aspiring creative with a particular interest in animation, motion design and illustration.

Final Project

Creative Conscience 2023 Climate Crisis Bonus Brief

With so many important global issues on the horizon, it is difficult for people to comprehend the impacts of human action that have manifested in a short time period. In my animation, I aim to capture the insights of Sir Ken Robinson on the Spaceship Earth podcast, using engaging moving image.

Stills from animation

Still from animation – “The fact that we’re creative is really important”

“As far as we can tell”

“We were cooking for a long time before that”

“We’ve been around for 150,000 years, as modern human beings”

“Was not something the Victorian’s had on their mind”

“An attractive group of people”

“Human beings showed up at a minute to midnight”

Creative conscience full animation

D&AD Giffgaff – Beeline to B-Corp

In this project, we characterised Giffgaff as a working beehive to show how Giffgaff and B Corps are doing a top job to help the planet and people.

Stills from animation

Giffgaff animation by Yasmin Gratton and Georgia Taylor

Work Experience

During my year in industry I undertook a Graphics/UX and UI placement at TopCashback.

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