Andra-Maria Ghituica

Hello! I'm Andra, a Graphic Design graduate, brought up by vampires and with a taste for wandering around the world. As a creative, I specialise in branding and apparel, and have a personal passion for fashion and colour.

Final Project


A conceptual digital fashion app, commited to create a vibrant community that celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and creativity. CMD+Y is more than an app; it’s a movement that encourages people to embrace the intersection of fashion and technology, and to boldly navigate the uncharted territories of virtual fashion.

Brand Mission

At CMD+Y, the brand purpose is to empower individuals to express their unique style, unleash their creativity, and redefine the fashion experience in the virtual realm. Fashion should know no boundaries and technology can be a catalyst for limitless self-expression, without costing the environment.

The app opens up a world of possibilities, where users can curate their virtual wardrobe, experiment with cutting-edge designs, and effortlessly showcase their personal style. The aim is to provide a platform that combines innovation, accessibility, and the joy of self-discovery with a way to track sustainable behaviours.

Sustainability tracker

The point of difference for cmd+Y is that it rewards your digital-only use of garments, as well as sustainable behaviours like participating in circular events that are showcased on the app. The sustainability tracker collects points that reward you with discounts or vouchers on the items available in the app.

App walk-through

The UX/UI concepts follows an easy, intuitive interface that makes the user’s experience easy and enjoyable. The gamification of the app allows for a fun concept of promoting circular user behaviours, without compromise on self-expression and limitless creativity.

Full project available on

D&AD Penguin Brief: Threaded Stories

in collaboration with Ilinca-Maria Costeaes

The brief asked for a new line of merchandise that would fire up Gen Z and enhance their reading experience. Our solution proposed a collection of crafted, embroidered patches that can be applied on an extensive range of merchandise: blankets, book covers, tote bags.

Nought Market

Pop-up store concept as an activation event for a circular hub that encourages young adults to learn upcycling skills and share creative spaces. Bold, honest and loud, the brand takes its stance against fast fashion and encourages creative ways to update wardrobes.

Work Experience

After undertaking a Placement as an Apparel Graphic Designer for Puma in Germany, I have one year experience of producing commercial graphics for sport style apparel. As part of an international creative team, I have worked side-by-side with graphic designers, apparel designers and developers, taking part in the whole development process of garments, seeing concepts to completion.

Previous to my internship, I have worked as a Freelance Graphic Designer throughout second year of University, working with various small clients on both graphic and illustrative projects.

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