Final Project


Light and Heat Therapy for Vision Impairments

Macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma are among the leading causes of blindness in the UK, and conventional treatments for these ailments are often invasive and inconvenient. To address this issue, OKO has been developed as a non-invasive approach to the prevention and treatment of these impairments.

About OKO

This treatment method is based on emerging research that demonstrates the benefits of near infrared (NIR) light energy in stimulating cellular and mitochondrial activity, which promotes healing in affected tissues. In addition, OKO’s product includes an attachable heat mask that enhances blood flow to the eyes, thereby reducing intra-ocular pressure and aiding in the recovery of damaged areas.

The open frame design of the product ensures that users can comfortably engage in daily activities during treatment. This dual therapy approach of combining NIR light and the heat mask, delivers a comprehensive and effective treatment modality for vision impairments.

OKO’s NIR therapy – lasting only 3 minutes – combined with the heat therapy mask – perfect to relax in the evening – provides an easy and effective means of addressing vision impairments with the hope of avoiding the need for invasive procedures.


Throughout its development process, several prototypes were created to facilitate user testing and gather feedback for informing the design of OKO. These prototypes served as iterations, which were refined and improved upon, based on user insights.

User testing was an essential step in the product development as it helped identify potential issues, usability challenges, and areas for further design development.

Through this iterative process of prototyping,user testing, and design refinement, it allowed for a a more user-centred and effective product in the form of OKO. Providing an improved solution for individuals with visual impairments.

Design Week

Design week was a week in which external companies came to the university and presented a live design brief on a given subject. We then had a week to respond to the brief with a design proposal. DCA presented the brief ‘Propose a physical product that a brand could launch to enrich lives and aid the cost of living crisis’.

In response to the brief, I designed a modular TV and streaming system for Google. Google Puck is a system in which users can visualise their media subscriptions through the ‘dashboard’ which allows them to see what services they are paying for at any given time as well as enabling fast account creation and cancellation.

A Modular ‘Buy What You Need’ system with a return and repair service for repair and upgrades ensures that this would be a TV for life.


  • 1st Place in Design Week – Awarded by DCA
  • Diploma of Professional Studies (DPS)

Work Experience

Placement Year at PriestmanGoode

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