Rosie Galezia

I’m a driven and energetic designer with an interest in femtech and inclusive design. I love making things and working with my hands, so take a practical and hands-on approach to design.

Final Project

Supporting expressing mothers

In the UK we have some of the lowest breastfeeding rates in the world. Over 10% of mothers doing paid work outside the home report stopping or cutting down breastfeeding due to their work, and only 16% say their employer offers facilities to express milk.

My product supports mothers who are expressing in the workplace or on the go and may not have access to a fridge in which to safely store breast milk.

Refining the brief

I spent some time researching and refining the brief to understand the problems contributing to the UK’s low breastfeeding rates. Initially establishing breastfeeding is a difficult process, and further challenges are raised when mothers feel they need to stop or reduce breastfeeding when they return to work outside of the home.


Employers in the UK aren’t legally required to provide mothers with facilities to safely store breast milk, so cooling milk to fridge temperature without a power supply was my key focus. Even if fridge access is provided, this doesn’t help with storage on the way home from work, or to the baby’s childcare setting, so portability is crucial.

Universal fit

Existing cooling and storage solutions sold by breast pump and bottle companies generally only work with their own bottles. My design uses a flexible gel pack and an inflating outer to accommodate bottles of various sizes and ensure a snug and secure fit for all.

Temperature monitoring

A temperature sensor embedded into the design provides reassurance that the milk is at a safe temperature.

This allows users to check the temperature without having to open the storage container, which in turn lets heat in. The temperature is displayed on the screen and colour-coded for ease of use.

Live Projects

A 10-day project in response to a brief set by Cambridge Consultants – to help people build a better relationship with personal finance. My response was an in-home smart device with two core functions; acting as multi-factor-authentication that requires user interaction to make an unplanned purchase, and displaying the user’s budgeting and saving progress in a clear, transparent way.

Bean There, Drank That

A group project that brought together all of our electronics and mechanics teaching to date. The brief was to automate the process of making a coffee using an AeroPress by interfacing electronics controls with the mechanical parts that invert and plunge the AeroPress.

I was involved in the mechanics development and fabrication of the prototype. Combining various moving parts and bringing these together harmoniously proved challenging, particularly when milk and water were brought into the mix.

The design underwent several iterations before the final, functional prototype was achieved.

Work Experience

I had the incredible experience of spending my placement year at, a start-up providing tech solutions to hospitality venues. Being a small company, I was a key part of the team and was able to truly get involved, taking on a range of responsibilities beyond my role as an in-house creative designer.

Through my placement I developed an understanding of social media, graphic design and how to design for both print and web. I particularly enjoyed learning to create and animate vector illustrations, and supporting the tech team through product testing and helping to find bugs in the product before it went live. The fast-paced environment meant I could see work materialise in the projects and campaigns we ran which was incredibly rewarding.

Since coming back for my final year I’ve been also active in the University’s Feminist Society, acting as their media, marketing and communications representative. This helped me utilise my understanding of social media and graphic design skills to grow the society and its social media profiles, raising awareness of campaigns and events.

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