Final Project

Improving patient asthma control in the UK

Asthma control in the United Kingdom is very poor, resulting in unnecessary hospitilizations, potential fatalaties, increased stress on the NHS, and a rise in costs related to asthma. This dry powder inhaler coupled with smart technology, is the perfect solution to improve asthma control…

Resva ‘Refillhaler’

A ‘smart’ ‘reusable’ dry powder inhaler. Changing the way asthmatics deal with their condition on a daily basis. A solution that not only benefits the environment, but also allows the user to take control of their condition with only a small amount of engagement.

Ergonomic design

Through various tests during the development stage this design has adapted, ultimately reaching this end point. The device fits comfortably in the users hand due to the form, and can easily be transported with them anywhere they need to go, due to the small size it offers.


This design adopts a reusable hopper, meaning once the user has finished with one prescription, they receive another one and they can just swap them out. This extends the life cycle of the product, meaning they can take value in their inhaler, whereas normally they would just dispose of it after use. Furthermore, having this reusable aspect increases the sustainability of the product, which is very important as we shift towards a more sustainably aware world. Implementing a recycling scheme for the hoppers to be disposed of correctly after use, would be of paramount importance to this brand.

Smart technology

Utilising smart technology that has not yet been brought to the UK market, has the opportunity to change how users interact with their inhalers, and their condition. This app offers many features to users that if they engage with, they can truly control their asthma with minimal effort. It also allows for doctors to monitor their patients, and utilise the data they receive to improve medical practice in the near future.

App features

  • Daily symptom check in
  • Education section
  • Social Hub
  • Asthma adherence score
  • Appointment booking
  • Reorder feature
  • Virtual console
  • Clinical asthma questionnaires

The rest of the year…

Hybrid (UX project)

During the UX module, we were tasked to “design a mobile app that enhances the experience of domestic energy reduction”. With the increase in hybrid working patterns since the pandemic, people have been using a lot more domestic energy. This is impacting them financially, especially due to the current cost of living crisis. Hybrid is an app where users can easily find a safe, comfortable place to work outside of the house. Through utilising these features, they are indirectly reducing domestic energy through getting out of the house.

Florere (RSA award shortlist)

“How might we democratise health and wellbeing; creating the conditions and tools for individuals to help themselves, their loved ones, and multiple generations?”

In response to this brief, as a group we came up with the idea to create a service that guides users through improving their mental wellbeing, whilst utilising a companion plant in order to promote healthy lifestyle habits and routines.

Thank you for taking your time to look through my projects, if you have any questions or would like to contact me regarding these projects, I am more than happy to talk about them!


  • Shortlisted for RSA award (Brief ‘All being well’) still waiting for result.

Work Experience

  • Kinneir Dufort – Ethnic Diversity Excellence Scheme (8 week internship throughout my final year of university)
  • Sand & Birch design (6 month remote internship)

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