Lewis Perry

I am a forward thinking designer looking to craft meaningful user experiences whilst balancing feasibility and considered aesthetics.

Final Project


‘Warren’ is a home energy monitoring device designed to help people increase their usage awareness of energy in the home.

With rising costs, there is growing uncertainty about budgeting and lack of governance over paying bills where family’s need help regulating electricity usage. Consequently, the product aims to help users monitor their energy bills and lower them through education by offering a product that provides users confidence in managing energy.

About the product

The product is a smart interactive home solution that helps users save energy, money, and live comfortably. It does this by updating the user of poor energy management, setting targets to overcome high spending and promoting a good routine with reminders. It is a forward thinking smart meter internet of things product that through connectivity promotes a more sustainable household.

Home management

A companion for the family. Different to other solutions, the device uses behaviour change to motivate and inform the user to lower their usage. Using a soft and empathetic aesthetic allows users to keep the product on display in the home rather than hiding it like current energy meters and missing out on its use benefits. The device is always monitoring usage to take the onus off the user and provides them with the reassurance that cutting down on usage is possible within their home.


Use of ambient lighting creating an aura that aids the family in its usage and decision making.

General Assembly

Product internals consist of LEDs for the lighting, battery, PCB, LCD touch screen and casing components.

Journey to the Show

Colourway variants




  • ’22 Diploma of Professional Studies
  • ’21 CSWA Certificate of Mechanical Design

Work Experience

12 month Industrial Placement with Roper Rhodes

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