Phoebe Rainbow

Hi I'm Phoebe, a passionate designer who values user experience, solving real-world problems with solutions that are both visually captivating and delightful.

Final Project

Gaia – Normalising a positive caesarean section recovery.

Around 25% of UK births are caesarean sections, yet mums get little or no support to heal their c-section scars. Gaia redefines c-section recovery by tackling the appearance of scars and the pain or discomfort they can cause, whilst also creating an important moment of ‘me-time’ for new mums.

The power of scar massage

Through a combination of vibration, red light and heat therapy, Gaia takes the fear out of scar massage and enhances the effectiveness of it, promoting positive physical and emotional healing and enabling mothers to build a positive relationship with their scar. Scar massage has a multitude of benefits that include preventing a build up of scar tissue that can form adhesions to organs like the bladder, helping to combat numbness and hypersensitivity and releasing endorphins tackling new mum anxiety and stress. Gaia further enhances this through its technology combination, treating all 7 layers a surgeon goes through in a c-section procedure.

So how does our App work…

Gaia is a smart c-section device with an app that takes the user through an on-boarding process explaining how to connect, use and care for the device whilst also getting to know a bit about you to help track your progress. The app gives users access to customisable and personalised massage modes, app-guided massages and further information about c-section recovery and wellbeing. To get the best results users should massage daily, the app makes this simple by allowing them to set a daily reminder notification, perfect for that hectic new mum life.

Our Packaging

Gaia’s packaging focuses on sustainability and creating an enjoyable unboxing experience. It is 100% recyclable using a Sulpac® bio-based and biodegradable insert and plastic PVC sleeve. Once the Gaia device and holder has been removed from its box it can be used to store the additional refills.

Prototyping and User Testing

A range of low-fidelity and 3D printed models were produced to evaluate form, function and aesthetics. Sharing these with my target users helped to understand their wants and needs and develop a design that felt appropriate to its user and purpose.

Rent Gaia.

Gaia uses both a purchase and rental model allowing consumers to have flexible ownership of their product to meet their needs. It allows Gaia to be a more sustainable brand and choice for our audience. With this in mind Gaia has been designed so the handle can be easily replaced and internals repaired as well as consciously choosing materials that feel clean.

Further Work…

Torka – a Solution to Damp Homes

Providing ‘Generation Rent’ with a budget friendly and effective solution to damp. Torka aims to enrich lives and aid the cost of living crisis by creating a sustainable solution, helping them to take control and make damp living spaces feel more like home. It uses a fan to draw air through its reusable silica bead pod, drawing moisture out and releasing dry air, bridging the gap between single-use and high cost dehumidifiers.

Vacasa – Proactive Maintenance

An app designed to help British rural Spanish holiday home owner’s proactively manage their maintenance and related energy costs from the UK. It detects fluctuations from the users smart meter and connects them with trusted locals who can perform a house check. They log and can address any maintenance issues, so users avoid having to tackle these problems on vacation, leading to a ‘happy home, happy holiday’.


  • ’20 Student Starpack Award – Silver
  • ’22 Diploma in Professional Studies

Work Experience

Unilever – Junior Designer (Global Hair Packaging Team) ’22 Whilst working at Unilever within the FMCG industry I was able to work for global big-name brands such as Dove, Tresemme and Sunsilk. I had the opportunity to work within a highly creative and collaborative team working across a breadth of projects from packaging to communications all with a key focus on consumers, sustainability and inclusivity. I’ve been able to work across the design phase from researching market codes, participating in co-designs to bringing concepts through to prototypes to share with users.

Lola’s Cupcakes – Packaging & Marketing (2 weeks) ’22 At my time at Lola’s I got involved in a variety of tasks, helping with photoshoots for new products, developing icons for their new website and helping to set-up the display for QVC. I was also able to work with the managing director to test and trial packaging for postal cakes experimenting with boxes and temperatures to ensure the cakes arrived fresh and intact. This has now been brought to market expanding Lola’s cake delivery market across the UK.

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