Final Project


Is a smart food storage device, increasing users confidence around food, whilst decreasing their domestic food waste. Holmes combines advanced gas testing technology with the convince of vacuumed food storage. In order to determine accurate expiry dates, aid in preserving perishables and providing the users with options on how to user up their forgotten ingredients.

At the core of the device is a displacement pump used to remove oxygen, the primary source of spoilage, from the atmosphere surrounding the food. This device is set apart from others on the US$1.04 billion market, via the integrated gas testing components.

The gas compositions produced by food in the vacuum are monitored, providing crucial insights into the food’s safety. Highlighting potential risks associated with the food’s conditions by testing for harmful gases, such as an excesses concentration of ethylene or microbiocidal products. Helping the user to make informed decisions regarding the safety of their food and take the necessary precautions.

The device leverages artificial intelligence algorithms in order to predict more accurate expiry dates based on the specified food type.

Live Project

Inspiring Adventure, with a Product Made to Last

In light of the cost of living crisis, a survey found 49% of people are giving up activities that are good for their mental health, with 1 in 6 adults reported to have moderate to serve depressive symptoms. Purchases such as gym memberships have become less attractive. However, research suggests only 30 minutes of exercise is enough to improve mood.

Walking is a super low cost solution to staying active, however poor equipment may lead to injury, such as poor fitting shoes damaging your feet and an inadequate backpack causing back pain.

Everyone owns a backpack, with most of us having multiple to suit varying occasions. But what if one back pack met all your needs. Whether its taking your dog for a walk, on a daily commute or on a long hike.

Brand Analysis

The brief was to design for a brand, in this instance I was designing for Rab, a company dedicated to quality, the planet and getting people outdoors.


Exploration into the key components of different bags, and consideration into integrating these core features.

Card Modelling

Physical prototying was key in understanding scale and interaction.


  • 1st place HEXR Brief Design Week
  • Diploma of Professional Studies

Work Experience

12 month placement at Tin Horse, working in the structural packaging industry. Followed by a 4 month internship at Seymourpowell, working in product design consultancy.

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