James Wye

Industrial Design & Technology graduate with a driven goal to further develop as a designer in creating innovative solutions to real world problems.

Final Project

Ceorfan: Handheld Woodworking Tool with Additional CNC Functionality

Inspired by tradition and heritage in woodcraft, consideration through design choices has focused on sensitively maintaining the feeling of traditional tools through material consideration, design styling and product purpose.

Product Purpose

Ceorfan believes in allowing users to focus on creating pieces of work inspired by early woodworking traditions, allowing them to do so in a way that utilises modern-day technology, promoting longevity in creating complex geometry and showcasing how wooden material can be sculpted and carved by the user.

Brand Values

We want to be able to promote creative woodworking for all user abilities and emphasise the importance of craftsmanship and tradition. It is our goal to help produce more woodworking masterpieces without the need for years of training. Woodworking is one of the oldest arts of humankind, we challenge ourselves to reference the tradition of woodworking and the respected tools in combination with a new, computer-controlled, cordless, automated woodworking tool.

General Assembly

The product is designed to provide the user with full 3-axis cutting and carving capabilities. The assembly includes a compact linear system capable of automatically adjusting the spindle cutter to provide accurate data-based movements in the X and Y axis whilst also allowing for carving depths of up to 80mm in the Z axis. CNC tool paths will be generated through dedicated software from user files and Ceorfan library files.

User Testing

User testing is a vital step in the product development process, and incorporating the insights of experts adds a valuable dimension to the evaluation. Providing deep knowledge and understanding, allowing for critical feedback and identifying potential issues enabled me to assess the product from a technical standpoint, evaluate its alignment with industry standards, and identify any potential gaps or areas of enhancement.

Functional Prototyping

Functional prototypes play a crucial role in the product development process, serving as tangible representations of an idea or concept. Prototypes have been developed throughout the project to demonstrate the core functionalities and features of a product. By creating functional prototypes, I have been able to test and validate various aspects such as usability, ergonomics, and technical feasibility.

Journey to the Show

Foundation Studies

Art & Design Loughborough University.

Awarded Distinction.

Live Project

EV charging station for roadside use that is suitable for multiple pavement installations.

Design for 3D Printing

Bike light fixing to house Cateye lights optimised for 3D printing manufacturing process.


  • ’22 Diploma of Professional Studies
  • ’21 CSWA Certificate for Mechanical Design
  • ’20 Student Starpack Bronze Award
  • ’20 Worldstar Student Awards Certificate of Recognition

Work Experience

12-month industrial placement with 3di Consulting Ltd – Product Design Engineers & North Bucks Machining

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