Sophie Ward

Hi, I'm Sophie, an enthusiastic designer with a passion for function and feasibility. By combining practicality with aesthetics, I strive to deliver designs that are both visually appealing and functional.

Final Project

Introducing, AL

With an increase in temperature throughout the year, algal blooms are becoming more and more frequent.

Cyanobacteria, commonly know as blue algae is a bacteria that can be toxic to both humans and animals. With 77% of people not knowing the dangers of toxic blue algae or that it’s not always visible in water, only increases the chance of algae poisonings. Toxic blue algae is very harmful to dogs and can kill them in as little as 15 minutes to an hour if ingested, so it’s vitally important that dog owners make decisions on whether the water is safe for their dog to swim in.

That’s where AL comes in. AL is a user friendly devices that tests for toxic blue algae in bodies of fresh water. Designed specifically in a way that allows the user to carry out the task swiftly, whilst still being able to manage their dog.

Testing Strips

AL’s testing strip compartment is user-friendly, accommodating both existing and new testing strips. It enhances user experience by simplifying strip insertion and retrieval, ensuring ease of use.

Twist lock mechanism

The device’s base incorporates a water-permeable design, facilitating the passage of water to the temperature probe and pump. A user-friendly “twist and lock” mechanism securely fastens the base, safeguarding the internal components and enabling effortless cleaning when needed.

The App

The connected app offers real-time data input and logging of test results on a map, allowing users to identify safe water areas. It includes a route planning feature to avoid toxic blue algae zones. The app connects to the user’s device via Bluetooth for result retrieval. Additionally, it creates a community through a database, enabling users to connect with like-minded individuals.

Exploded View

AL is designed to test for specific variables in water. If certain requirements for toxic algae are met, specific tests are carried out within the device. Using a water pump and temperature probe, AL is capable of conducting the tests directly within the water. It autonomously performs the necessary procedures, whilst internally using RBG light sensors to ensuring accurate results without requiring manual intervention. AL features a retractable cord, enabling users to throw its main body into the water for testing while keeping their dog under control. This design ensures convenience and safety, allowing for accurate testing without compromising the user’s ability to manage their pet.


AL not only provides the test results on the top of its product through the use of LEDs for easy visibility but also ensures that all users can access and review the results by seamlessly transmitting them to a connected app. This integration allows for convenient access to the results, ensuring a comprehensive and user-friendly experience.

Journey to the Show


Electronic prototyping was carried out to demonstrate the concept feasibility and showcase its intended function to help validate the product’s potential.

3D Printing

3D printing served as the primary prototyping method, enabling testing of semi-functional parts and rapid iteration of design changes for final model creation.

Live Project – Soma


Soma is an ambient healthcare device that seamlessly blends into your bathroom environment, while diligently monitoring changes in your body shape and skin. It is designed to detect any potential medical issues, ensuring your well-being.


Using photogrammetry software, Soma will combine images together to create a three dimensional model of the users body to allow for pin pointing changes changes. AI assisted technology is used to compare the photographs and scan with existing internet images to provide a possible diagnosis.


The app promptly alerts users of any detected changes in their body, providing valuable insights into possible conditions. It also facilitates direct communication with their GP and enables the secure sharing of photos to aid in accurate diagnosis.


Diploma in Professional Studies 2022

Work Experience

Staverton Design – Sep 21′ – Sep 22′ (12 months)

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