Tom Stevens

I am driven to deliver a client’s vision from an initial brief or outlined concept through to production, and to solve problems related to design and manufacture.

Final Project


GoNola is a manually operated stand mixer that guides young children through preparation of healthy snack bars.

GoNola’s Key Features

Verbal and written instructions are coupled with lighting effects and music to punctuate their task progress of weighing and mixing ingredients, whilst the child’s recipes choices are given positive reinforcement of their nutritional value.

To be competitive with ultra-processed, shop-purchased snacks, the mixture is compacted into individual sealable silicone moulds so that parents always have an easily stored and transportable ‘quick snack’ available.


Prototyping focused on the proposal’s mechanical and ergonomic suitability. User testing highlighted that the mould rack – the tray on which snack bars are placed in the oven – required intuitive guidance for the user in aligning each mould below the tilting bowl mechanism.

This was achieved by developing the concept to include guide wheels behind the mould rack and a notched channel along the width of the product’s base so that they have a tactile indication of when they should start compacting mixture again.


Balsta assists older people who are recovering from a recent fall or feeling less confident in physical activity through consistent stability exercises, providing feedback without the need for them to attend classes.

Safety and assurance is offered in contrast to simply using a worktop or chair to brace themselves when performing exercises – this is facilitated by handrails, a rubber grip sleeve and a textured platform.

Work Experience

Fabrikat (Nottingham) Ltd.

July 2021 – July 2022

My placement was at a steel fabricator principally offering highway products, tailored to the specifications of clients such as landscape architects and local authorities.

I created technical drawings for customer approval and manufacture detail, amending designs to suit in-house fabrication processes whilst liaising with suppliers and clients. In addition I prepared concept renders and graphic designs to market Fabrikat and client projects.

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