Emma Jane Taylor-Watts

A colourful and creative problem solver. Inspired by purposeful, beautiful and empathetic design. Aspiring to shape sustainable, pragmatic and joyful design innovation.

Final Project


Jog is a cognitive stimulation and reminder companion for people living with Dementia. Using timed audio and visual cues, users will be prompted to complete a daily puzzle task with the nine digital puzzle pieces. Images and stories can be uploaded to the device to offer a personal, immersive, reminiscence experience. While simultaneously providing exercise to boost cognitive health and offer a daily sense of accomplishment and confidence in users experiencing cognitive decline.


Jog utilises I2C bus bi-directional communication capability as well as IoT wireless technology to communicate between the main display module and the nine 3.5″ TFT display pieces. This facilitates transfer of images and interaction feedback between the two modules. Allowing for mobile use of the build plate.

At Home

Jog has been designed as an aesthetically un-intimidating product. Suitable and desirable in a domestic setting but primarily with specific colour, material and finish decision making, tailored to be best suited for people with dementia. With use of neutral tones, simple patterns, mixed textures and a bright feature colour to evoke cognitive and emotive engagement.

Looking Closer

Outside of the primary puzzle task use, Jog continues to offer multi-sensory interactions and engagement, utilising the 9 touch displays to navigate through the device and select music, images, messages and more.

In addition, programable, repeatable reminders messages and calendar alerts can be sent to the device to check in on the user and support independence from a distance. Validating receipt of message with the motion sensor camera.

Family Photo Credit – tynyuk/shutterstock.com

Work Experience

Product Assistant – CDA Group LTD Jan 23 – August 23

Customer Assistant – Marks & Spencer July 22 – Jan 23

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