Charlie Spence

I am a Product Design student with a passion for sustainability and future technologies.

Final Project

Retrofittable Driver Safety System

This is a retrofittable driver safety system that monitors driver behaviour. It is aimed at young and high risk drivers with the aim of improving safety and reducing insurance premiums.

How it Works

The device is installed onto the user’s dashboard, where it sits and helps keep driving behaviour safe. It pairs to the user’s phone and keeps score to help keep their insurance premium low.

The storyboard of the install and use case. The device is installed onto the dashboard and then it watches the users face for distractions such as using the phone
The device with different colour accents on the bezel and base


The device comes in a range of colours to easily match the desired aesthetics of the user. It also has a custom base fitted to adapt the device to the user’s specific car dashboard, ensuring it is stable, functional and compatible with all car models.

Working Prototype

Shown here is the working prototype of the product, it has a live computer vision system that can detect the position of the user’s face and trigger notifications if they become unsafe.

A 3D printed device with a circular LCD on the front and a Raspberry pi wired to the back

User Testing

The device was tested in a driving simulator, with multiple participants. User behaviour towards the feedback systems was evaluated and considered.

The device installed into a dashboard



  • Final Year Design Week Award Winner
  • Diploma of Professional Studies

Work Experience

Nissan Technical Centre Europe – Future Technology & Advance Engineering Trend Researcher

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