Final Project

AQUA Drain Generator

Energy. All around us all the time, but seemingly always limited. In today’s world clean, renewable energy is needed more than ever and the AQUA Drain generator aims to provide one solution to this global issue on a micro scale.

The Household Water Turbine

The average person in the UK uses over 150 litres of water each day. A large percentage of this water waste is disposed of after use. This product aims to harness the potential energy of this wasted resource, allowing users to simultaneously save money and the planet.

Controlled Flow

Energy production is maximised throughout the product, from the use of a penstock to dictate and control how much water flows through the product, to the Venturi tube that boosts flow rate, to the carefully designed nozzle and dynamo, efficiency is prioritised to increase output and hence, profit for the user.

Underground Location

The product is designed to be built into the foundations of new dwellings, keeping out of sight of the occupants, ensuring safety and allowing energy production to happen in the background while they carry on their day-to-day lives. Additionally, the extended drop will yield greater energy.

Peleton Inspired

The main driving force of the turbine comes from the impact of the water jet and this Pelton wheel turbine is the most efficient at harvesting that power. The internal transmission increases the rotational speed of the dynamo to further boost the possible generation.

Journey to the Show

The SunSpot sensor is a UV detector and monitoring device for those who are exposed to direct sunlight for long periods to help prevent skin cancer.

The design features a clip on unit and a wireless charging station, allowing users to easily pick up and put down the product without having to hassle with messy wires.

The sleek and high-end design coveys professionalism and elegance, aiming at older users who may be more at risk of developing skin related issues. It is also small and can be worn discretely.

The Pivot toaster is a re-imagining of the conventional home appliance. It aims to break away from the mould by offering users a new, more accessible method of use by rotating the door out, elegantly presenting their toasted produce to them.

The design is modern, sharp and striking, while complimenting it’s own soft and subtle features. It easily blends in to modern kitchen design, but also acts as a feature in its own right.

This EV roadside charging station was designed as part of a week long live project. This station has capacity for 2 charging ports, waterproof sockets and anti-tempering locks that protect the charging cable from being without the owner.

The main feature of this product is the illuminating strips. These LED visuals would run down the body and continue as part of the adjacent parking bay, allowing users to clearly see available stations and their status from the road without distracting them.

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