Joel Poulter

I am a Product Design graduate with a passion for developing innovative solutions to real world problems.

Final Project

Contact: Concussion Detection using Pupillometry

CONTACT is a handheld device used to detect Sports Related Concussions (SRC) on and off the rugby field. It measures the players’ pupillary reactions to a light stimulus, analysing three different parameters including pupil size, reaction speed and time, which are inhibited by traumatic brain injuries.

This small compact device aims to produce a non-subjective
result in less than ten seconds for all rugby players in schools,
clubs and universities across the UK. This will increase concussion awareness and reduce the likelihood of Second Impact Syndrome (SIS) due to premature return to play.

Step by step instructions displayed on the LCD make the process clear and easy to understand. This lets even untrained individuals perform a concussion assessment.

Designed for a high-paced, all-weather environment, the device is ideal for use on and off the field of play.

This product offers the capability for regular post-game testing to establish individual player baselines within a team, as well as prompt in-game testing in response to a head injury on the field.

Final prototypes helped me develop an embedded system to provide an objective result during user testing.

Working Prototype

The prototype performs a 10 second assessment using two infra-red cameras to record the subjects pupil reactions

Measurable parameters include baseline pupil size, constriction latency, constriction velocity, constriction percentage, minimum size and dilation velocity.

Design Week, Live Projects

Avera: A Multi-Vital Patch Providing Personal Rehabilitation from Alcoholism

Avera forms part of an alcohol detoxification programme which
provides insights into the patients health during withdrawal.
The device helps gradually reduce alcohol consumption, promoting
a healthier relationship with drinking alcohol.

The device aims to improve social relationships by supporting
the user in social settings, building trust within family and
friendships by proving sobriety.

By monitoring alcohol intake and prompting the user to reduce
consumption at certain times, this can help them regain
control over their drinking habits.

Transdermal Ethanol Sensor

The Transdermal ethanol sensor measures alcohol content in sweat providing an accurate reading of the quantity of alcohol the user has consumed.

Silicone Patch

Adhesive silicone patch can stay applied for over 2 weeks. The user is provided with multiple patches to last over the 12-week programme.

Sketch Development

This project required multiple fast iterations in a short space of time due to the one week time scale.


  • 2nd Place in PDD’s Live Project Brief
  • Diploma of Professional Studies

Work Experience

Junior Design Engineer – Unilever Haircare R&D (1 Year Placement)

Overbridge and Mobile Agent – Eurotunnel (3 months)

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