Orsalene Richardson

Approaching design with a methodical, thorough eye, to deliver solutions with an emphasis on useability, functionality and feasibility.

Final Project

ThermoSafe: an Innovative Solution for the Treatment of Hypothermia

Mountain Rescue teams across the UK and abroad often face a shortage of suitable equipment due to lack of funding and grants. This can slow treatment of one of the most common conditions suffered in challenging outdoor environments: hypothermia.

This project aims to aid in the treatment of secondary hypothermia, developed in trauma patients, with the use of airway warming. ThermoSafe is capable of heating and humidifying administered oxygen to steadily raise core body temperature, and is designed to be used in conjunction with existing emergency equipment such as foil blankets. Medically trained professionals can assess the patient’s vital signs in real time via feedback displayed on screen.

For use in Harsh Environments…

When rescue teams are treating a casualty, they need lightweight, portable tools and devices.

ThermoSafe is designed with ergonomics in mind, including rubberised-grip handles, accessible interaction points and reflective details, as a result of conclusions drawn from interviews with experts in the field.

Producing Medical Grade Results…

To effectively respond to a patient’s deteriorating condition, the operator must have quick access to key vital signs.

Using a combination of high quality sensors, ThermoSafe creates a picture of the patient’s overall health by giving visual feedback on SpO2, EtCO2, heart rate and core body temperature – some of the most important measures of bodily functions.

Designed for Manufacture…

To ensure ThermoSafe is commercially viable, extra attention to detail has been given to the internal structure and layout of the product.

With hermetic seals and structural ribs and bosses, the device is waterproof and durable; designed to withstand the challenging conditions met by the user group.

Journey to the Show

Rapid ideation was undertaken, surrounding how the device could be designed to fit to the patient’s body.

User interaction in small focus groups was recorded and analysed to produce an ergonomic design.

A combination of primary research, secondary research and user interaction informed the final design of the device.

Electronic feasibility was explored using prototypal sensors, measuring outputs such as pulse, water level, temperature and humidity.

A number of prototypes were created throughout the project to test how parts such as the harness and switchable magnet attachment could be designed.

A final CAD model was made, based off findings throughout the project.

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