Thea Bloxham

I'm a passionate and dedicated designer driven by a deep curiosity for innovative solutions, creating meaningful experiences that positively impact people's lives.

Final Project


‘Ease’ re-imagines mental well-being for the modern era, offering tailored support that adapts to the unique, ever-changing challenges faced by today’s generation.

Using AI with guided therapy techniques, Ease utilises the power of conversation and self-reflection, empowering users to cultivate a stronger sense of self-awareness and emotional resilience.

Understanding the Need for Change

In today’s fast-paced and stress-inducing world, mental health has become a pressing concern. Many individuals struggle with anxiety, stress, and a lack of emotional well-being. Traditional therapy approaches are time-consuming, expensive, and inaccessible, leaving people feeling helpless and overwhelmed.

Personalised Guidance for Every Journey

There is a need for a solution that breaks down barriers, offers personalised support, and fits seamlessly into people’s lives. Ease revolutionises the way we approach mental well-being and provides an accessible and effective platform for guided therapy to aid a range of mental health concerns within daily life.

How Does Ease Work?

Ease works by creating a safe and supportive space where you can engage in guided therapy through conversation. By simply talking to Ease, you can explore your thoughts, emotions, and experiences, and receive personalised insights and guidance for your mental well-being journey.

Navigating the Journey

Comprehensive aesthetic and functional models gathered valuable feedback which was incorporated into the development of ease. Actively involving users and experts in the testing phase fine-tuned ease with valuable insights that allowed for the design and functionality of Ease to be shaped by real-world experiences, resulting in a user-centric solution that addresses the unique complexities of mental well-being journeys.

Harnessing Technology for Positive Change

By leveraging cutting-edge advancements such as AI, motion sensors, and intelligent lighting, a unique product that goes beyond traditional therapy approaches has been created. With Ease, individuals can unlock a new level of self-discovery and growth, utilising technology as a catalyst for positive change in their mental health journey whilst removing barriers to entry for treatment.

Empowering User-Centred Design

Through intuitive navigation, clear visuals, and thoughtful interaction design, Ease aims to make the app accessible and easy to use for users of all backgrounds and technological abilities. Regular user feedback and testing are integrated into the development process, ensuring continuous improvement and optimisation of the app’s features to create a seamless and engaging experience that empowers individuals.

Tailored Support to Each User Journey

The app’s tracking features allow users to monitor their emotional states over time, gaining valuable insights into patterns and triggers. Personalised goal setting helps users establish and track their objectives, fostering a sense of progress and accomplishment, alongside offering a rich library of meditation and relaxation exercises, providing users with a toolbox of self-care techniques.

Design Sprint 2023


Tackling the Effects of UK Smoking

Aire consists of a smart nicotine patch and a portable spirometer, designed to aid individuals quit smoking and reduce preventable diseases. Through monitoring the users heart rate the patch releases controlled amounts of nicotine into the bloodstream, helping to curb cravings and withdrawal symptoms creating a smoother and more manageable quitting process. The spirometer visualises the effects of smoking on the users lungs whilst helping to detect early signs of lung problems with the app giving the user support and information they need.
Aire provides a comprehensive solution to quitting smoking with easy to use, on the go health monitoring.


Starpack Highly Commended Award 2020

Diploma of Professional Studies 2022

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Gripple – 2021/22 – 12 months

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