Final Project

Atmotect: A Wearable Air Quality Monitor

A clip-on air quality monitor designed to advise workshop employees as to when a respirator mask should be worn, through vibration signals.

Atmotect being used in a workshop setting.
Atmotect delivering vibration signals.

How it Protects Workshop Employees

The device measures a range of harmful gases and dusts which can be commonly found in a workshop setting. A vibration signal alerts the user when the air quality has reached a harmful level, and a respirator mask should be put on, the user is alerted again once the air quality has returned to a safe level. The air quality indicator light creates transparency of respiratory safety amongst colleagues.

How Atmotect has been Tailored to its User

Atmotect is simple and intuitive to operate, the air vent is pushed up to turn the device on and pushed down to turn it off. Once on, workshop users can progress with the task at hand, and information delivery through vibration signals keeps workflow disruption to a minimum. The impact-resistant design means Atmotect has been built to last in its demanding environment.

Atmotect being switched on by the air vent being pushed upwards.
Design Week 2023

Design Week 2023:

Thrive: changing the process of online spending to promote healthy and sustainable spending habits.

Design Week 2023

A live visual representation of a monthly discretionary budget where users must use the central clicking dial to remove an orb for each pound spent online. The orbs become smaller and move slower as the budget decreases.

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Experience in prop and set designing/making for advertisement and television, using a wide range of skills and techniques.

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