Final Project

Esko: a Smart Hot Water Dispenser Tailored for People with ADHD

Designed using 100% recyclable plastic, this design aims to tackle the unsustainable use patterns of overfilling and re-boiling associated with the electric kettle. Overfilling makes the kettle take longer to boil so users forget they put it on and then end up re-boiling the kettle, wasting both energy and money.

Front view of the cream coloured product with a cylindrical water tank behind it. In the front is a pitcher with a wooden handle and glass sides.
Side view of the Product with lighting coming from behind it

How it Works

Esko allows users to set the volume and temperature of the water they want heated. This makes it more difficult for users to overfill and thus reduces the need to re-boil. Esko also has an app attached that notifies users when their water has finished heating so they are less likely to forget and need to reboil. Using a thermocoil, typically seen in coffee machines, Esko can boil 1 mug of water in under 1 minute. The user ends up saving energy by only heating the water they need to the temperature they need.

The App

Esko is mainly controlled by the app which teaches users about the different temperatures to brew tea and coffee. Users end up saving energy whilst being able to make delicious tea and coffee. The app also allows users to try new tea and coffee recipes and learn how to repair the product should components break.

Image showing the screens of the app
Transparent render showing the internal components of the product.

Design for Repair

To increase the product lifespan, and reduce waste, Esko has been designed so users can replace and upgrade the thermocoil, and the pump, should they break or more efficient components become available.

Exploded view of the product

How it’s Made

The outer shell is injection moulded and made of recycled HDPE. Internals include a thermocoil, temperature sensors, flow meter, and submersible pump

Product is shown on a wooden counter top with a pone next to it. The screen says start.

Other Work

A green mounted shower
Close up image of the details of the mounted shower. It has 10 blue lights, a hand held shower head a switch to change from hand held shower to over the head shower and a dial.

Design Week: A shower designed to help Britain attain the Net-Zero target by 2050 by helping users become more aware of how much water they use when they shower

Sketches of a green cushion compact foundation with a silicone applicator sponge. The applicator has a finger print texture. Sketch of the cushion refill with the seedling logo indicating that it is biodegradable.
Sketches of a mailer box with instructions on how to take out a refill and a wire frame of a website landing page for the foundation.

Sustainable Design: Refillable cushion compact foundation packaging which uses biodegradable Vivomer plastic and a wood pulp sponge. The refills are posted to users in order to reduce tertiary packaging and allow users to have refills sent as part of a subscription.

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