Tara Brown

Hi, I am an illustrator and animator, I've always had a passion for story telling through art, video and games

Final Projects


With no memory, only the knowledge of searching for something and a mysterious symbol, you must hunt for answers while also exploring a dying world.   

Shattered memories

This project I wanted to illustrate a series of images which show how trauma can effect young adults, I aimed for it to encourage others to share there stories with each other.

Amnestia trailer

Crashed on a planet, with no memory of who she is, Rora must explore Gailleus with her only lead, a strange symbol with an unknown meaning. Join her adventure, as she talks to the villagers, interacts with the local wildlife, and finds the answers she yearns for. But what happens when the answers aren’t what she expects?


I wanted to create a series of illustrations with tell a story of someone who was struggling with the trauma of their parents separating and how they can over come it with the support of loved ones.

Work in progress

For the group project I illustrated and rendered some of the backgrounds for the assets that India worked on and placed them in the environment to be animated.

I worked on a few of the character designs of the creatures and character assets.

Some of the original concepts I made for my final illustrations.

Journey to the Show

First semester animation

This was the animation i produced for my first semester of my third year. I made this animation too encourage children too talk about there feelings with an adult.

I illustrated all the backgrounds and wanted to make them very detailed and create a sense of an overwhelming atmosphere around the character.

These where my rough character reference sheets for the animation

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