Rebecca Brinkley

Hi there! I'm a multidisciplinary designer, with a keen interest in branding, advertising and campaign design. I love to ideate and create fun and playful designs.

Project One


More and more people are finding themselves newly single in their 50s. Perhaps their children have flown the nest and they have realised that they no longer have anything in common with their partner, or maybe they have just simply grown apart. And with life often getting in the way of maintaining friendships over the years, many Midlifers are finding themselves experiencing loneliness. With this some Midlifers may begin to question their identities as they struggle to fill their spare time. Others may have feelings of anxiety surrounding putting themselves out there to meet new people.

Introducing Mingle – The New Way to Meet

Stepping away from online apps, Mingle puts on activity mixers, where Midlifers can come together to try something new. They may find a new love, forge new friendships, or simply discover a new hobby. 

Brand Assets

Aiming to create a playful and reassuring brand voice, Mingle uses animal characters within its branding to represent the alter egos of the target audience.  

Project Two

The Bottom Line

45% of men are uncomfortable with the idea of a rectal exam. Many men have concerns surrounding uncomfortable examination, the fear of discovering that something is wrong and the stigma that surrounds it. But with a man dying from prostate cancer every 45 minutes – that’s more than 12,000 men every year! – how can we break this stigma? 

And with figures only set to rise, it has been projected that by 2030, prostate cancer will be the most common of all cancers. Early diagnosis is the key. But, with no national screening programme and near to no early warning signs, how can we demystify the looming fear of prostate exams and encourage men to start talking more openly about their experiences, to help embolden other men to get tested?

So, what’s the solution? A 6-week long campaign with Prostate Cancer UK, during Prostate Cancer awareness month in March. The campaign specifically aims to break down the fear of prostate exams by getting to ‘The Bottom Line’ of common concerns that men have with prostate examinations.

The campaign will also work in collaboration with the entertainment and sports podcast, ‘That Peter Crouch Podcast’. Across the 6 weeks, ‘The Bottom Line’ will have its own feature on the show, where Peter Crouch and Chris Stark will interview celebrities who have had experiences with prostate cancer, to help start a conversation and remove the stigma around prostate examinations.


Speaking to physical attributes, posters will utilise puns to encourage men to also consider their prostate health. Emboldening men to go to the doctors if they have any concerns. 

Beer Mats

Where do large groups of men socialise? The pub. So, to help encourage men to start talking to each other about their experiences with prostate exams, ‘The Bottom Line’ beer mats will be placed in pubs. On one side, there will be a question of concern that men may have about examinations, and on the other side, there will be a frank but humorous ‘Bottom Line’ to help break down the stigma.

Work Experience

For my placement year, I worked as a Junior Graphic Designer at Maker&Son. During my time at the company, I was exposed to a variety of projects, working across both print and digital outputs. Some of the more notable projects I produced included the redesign of the marketing emails and the 11th edition of the Song lifestyle magazine.

Working within such a fast-paced environment, I not only improved my technical proficiency but gained invaluable communication and time management skills.

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