Final Project


Porter is an airline service that offers a comprehensive range of services and products to assist pet owners in travelling with their dogs. Under the brand name “Porter,” there are three main components: SkyPorter, Port, and PetPorter.


Port is a specially designed dog crate for airline usage, serving as the main product under the Porter brand. It provides a safe and comfortable travel environment for dogs during air transportation. Port aims to ensure the well-being and security of dogs during air travel, providing peace of mind to owners and maintaining the highest standards of pet transportation.


SkyPorter is a user-friendly flight management platform designed specifically for pet owners. It provides a seamless and hassle-free experience for booking flights with dogs, ensuring that all necessary arrangements are made in accordance with airline regulations. Users can access the SkyPorter platform through a mobile application or website, making it convenient to manage their travel plans.


PetPorter is a travel assistance service designed specifically for pet owners. It provides various support services to help pet owners navigate the process of travelling with their pets. This includes access to video tutorials on crate training and separation training, virtual trainers available 24/7 through the mobile application, and real-time updates on their pets during travel.

PetPorter also assists with logistics, such as arranging transportation from origin to destination, managing paperwork required for departure and arrival, and providing dog vaccination and customs services. The service ensures that pet owners have access to the necessary information and support, making their travel experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Overall, Porter aims to provide a comprehensive ecosystem for dog owners travelling by air, combining user-friendly technology, specially designed crates, and travel assistance services. By addressing the unique needs and concerns of both dogs and their owners, Porter strives to make air travel with pets a more enjoyable and worry-free experience.

Journey to the Show

<Garden Doctor>

is an interactive board game designed to be played by refugee children in a Turkish refugee camp, with the supervision and assistance of caregivers. The primary objective of the game is to gradually alleviate the symptoms of PTSD experienced by the children by engaging them in various psychological activities as they progress through different stages of the game.


is a user-friendly application that simplifies the kitchen renovation journey, providing step-by-step guidance, virtual visualisation using AR, budget and energy calculators, and personalised assistance. Users can make informed decisions, create their dream kitchen within budget, and maximise energy efficiency with the help of experts.

<Invest in Your City>

is a motivational educational game for children aged 10-14 in primary school. It focuses on financial concepts, emphasising real estate investment, and the game stimulates critical thinking and mathematical skills. Its interactive nature, strategic decision-making, and competitive elements promote a positive attitude towards financial education.

<Flavour Explorers>

is an educational in-flight box of chocolates for young children on long-haul flights. The shapes introduce endangered animals, flavours represent the destination, and the box creates a “treasure hunt” with a map and sea animal drawings. The map also showcases drawings of sea animals found in the chocolates, teaching children about their habitats and suggesting when to enjoy the chocolates.


is a skin analysis device to assists users with various skin conditions. It measures skin temperature, humidity, moisture, and oil levels. The app records and organises data, allowing sharing with doctors for analysis and personalised recommendations to monitor and manage skin health effectively.

<Video Portfolio>

is a hand-drawn animation video portfolio showcasing my personal design approach. The portfolio includes various elements such as research, concepting, and the presentation of final design proposals.

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