Final Project


The Stick Connecting Toy

STIK STAX encourages children and families to play outside and engage with nature in a new fun way that re-imagines classic den building.

A New Way to Interact with Nature

STIK STAX is an innovative stick connecting toy that helps children 6+ build dens that were never before possible! By using STIK STAX connectors children can quickly and easily connect sticks together to make imaginative hideouts to play with.

Re-Imagining Den Building

The connectors can securely hold sticks of different sizes. By twisting a connector their shape can be changed allowing children to make a range of structures and shapes, whether it’s a house, castle or anything else they can imagine!


Diploma of Professional Studies

Work Experience

Junior Toy Designer at Cartbench (2021-2022)

Visionary Thinkers

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