Christopher Lim

Award-winning industrial designer with experience in product development, graphics, publishing, branding, marketing and media.


Final Project

Sesame Folio:
the Next-generation Wallet,
a Champion for Mobility

Sesame Folio brings the wallet into the 21st century, giving it the ability to store digital tickets — providing users with greater reliability in accessing services and infrastructure in the real world.

Future Forecasting: Digital Access

In a world where digital access passes have become the default, our dependency on an unreliable single point of failure (smartphones) as a virtual gatekeeper introduces risks and limitations that impact our freedom of mobility.

Unlock Your World, Open Sesame

Sesame Folio elevates digital ticketing with the reliability of persistent tickets. A durable water-resistant case houses a shatterproof low-power e-paper display that, when combined with Powerfoyle light energy harvesting technology, helps maintain power indefinitely. Physical card storage retains legacy cards while a stationary hub keeps information current without power-hungry on-device processing.

Final Proposal

Initial Concept Pitch



Throughout the project, 3D printing was used to deliver rapid prototyping to enable testing.

User Testing

User testing helped inform design decisions while also validating usability from an ergonomic standpoint.

Initial Concept

Noht (pronounced note) is the precursor to Sesame Folio. Changes mainly focused on improving technical feasibility and usability.

Alternative Concept 1

Kameleon is a stripped-down alternative that retrofits existing wallets using a two-part design, rather than replacing them.

Alternative Concept 2

Fob is an enterprise-oriented alternative concept, aiming for the absolute smallest volume with digital-only storage (no cards).

Other Projects

Sky Shift — Group Project

Sky Shift is a large-format ambient communications product proposal that empowers people in an increasingly fragmented physical and digital world to effectively live together, even across vast distances.

Shortlisted for The RSA Student Design Awards, sponsored by Sky Group.

Triton Every%

Triton Every% is a tech demonstrator for a next-gen net-zero showering platform, built with sustainability at heart to make every per cent of the planet’s resources count.

1st Place | SDCA Live Projects, partnered with Triton Showers.

MultiPro Match is a modular food processor concept designed to explore the “furnification” of kitchen appliances in response to the aesthetic sensibilities of modern open-plan living without segregated kitchens.

A 1-week live project, briefed by Kenwood UK.

Caspr is an alternative smart home app that uses AI and detailed data to give actionable, specific and personalised suggestions to help reduce residential energy use. is a reusable e-commerce packaging concept designed for easy and efficient packing, opening, return, and preparation for reuse.

StarPack Students Gold Star Award Winner,
sponsored by RPC (now part of Berry Global).

Compass is a directional universal remote for smart homes that aims to simplify smart device control for users that are new to smart homes or are guests.


  • Diploma in Professional Studies
  • Shortlisted
    The RSA Student Design Awards
    Sky Shift, a Large-format Ambient Communications Product
  • 1st Place
    SDCA Live Projects, Triton Brief
    Triton Every%, a Next-gen Net-zero Showering Platform
  • Gold Star Award
    Starpack Students, The Packaging Society.
    Reusable E-commerce Pack
  • Certificate of Recognition
    WorldStar Student Awards, World Packaging Organisation.
    Reusable E-commerce Pack
  • Scholarship for Academic Excellence
    Loughborough University
    Highest Performing Student in Part B in the School of Design and Creative Arts
  • Scholarship for Academic Excellence
    Loughborough University
    Highest Performing Student in Part A in the School of Design and Creative Arts
  • Design Prize for Academic Excellence
    School of Design and Creative Arts
    Highest Mark in the Programme in Part B
  • Design Prize for Academic Excellence
    School of Design and Creative Arts
    Highest Mark in the Programme in Part A
  • Best Hall Media Rep
    Loughborough University Student Union — Media

Work Experience

Visualisation Intern
Diageo PLC • Internship
Jun 2021 – Jul 2022 • 54 weeks

Initial concept development and prototyping for packaging and dispense innovation; supporting pipeline and breakthrough innovation through in-house rapid prototyping, modelmaking and photorealistic CGI rendering.

Technical duties included pre-press print optimisation and machine maintenance for large-format, expanded-gamut proofing print and cut machines, as well as print preparation and processing of a large-format industrial SLA 3D printer.

Intern Product Designer
Dolmen Design & Innovation • Internship
Jul 2022 – Sep 2022 • 10 weeks

Project support in junior designer capacity designing solutions across a wide range of industries including fast-moving consumer goods, residential and medical products.

Specific tasks included CAD modelling, creating photorealistic computer renders, performing render post-processing, graphic design, branding, product design and product analysis.

Media Representative
Towers Hall Committee • Volunteer Student Role
February 2020 – February 2021 • 1 year

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