Final Project

What lies behind the facade

‘What lies behind the facade’ is an unisex transitional streetwear collection inspired by the architecture surrounding the City of London and Canary Wharf.  By delving deeper into how light has an impact on the imagery projected onto glass, design development started from detailed gouache paintings, leading to photographic collages which have been digitally manipulated into abstract geometric patterns. 

The collection explores sublimation printing, screen printing, weaving and quilting using a variety of different materials.

Gouache Paintings

I began the project by painting detailed gouache paintings depicting the landscape.

Reflective mirrors

Exploring printing onto a variety of reflective surfaces

Final Collection

This one layer vat screen print is inspired by photographic collages which were turned into a digital repeat on photoshop

Woven design created from 4 layer screen print on Cotton Denim Natural

Digital Design onto Lifestyle Recycled Poly Jersey 

This design is a repeat print taken from photographs in Canary Wharf.

Digital Design printed onto ripstop

This was inspired a photograph from the reflections on the buildings in Canary Wharf turned into a half drop print on photoshop

3 layer screen print onto double sided cotton

2 layer screen print onto denim

One layer screen print onto Alexander McQueen cotton

Technical Drawings

Line Up


Diploma in Professional Studies – 2018/2019

Work Experience

Design Assistant – Amanda Kelly Design Studio (Internship)

(July – October 2021)

3 month internship at a London based Textile Design studio.

Roles included preparing and styling new printed fabric to be photographed and uploaded to the website. Helping keep the archive of prints in order and assisting with general studio duties. 

This has developed my communication, teamwork and given me an insight into how a Textile design studio operates.

Drawing Intern – Fairbairn and Wolf Studio (Internship)

(October – December 2021)

Working closely and following briefs set by senior designers according to current trends and ideas, working with a range of drawing mediums. 

Imogen Heath – Studio Assistant

(Jan 2022)

Advancing my knowledge of printed textiles and fabric.
Gained an insight into how a small independent business is run.
Created sample packs for clients and helped quality check bespoke products.

Drawing Intern – Bay and Brown Studio (Internship)

(March – May 2022 )

Working closely and following briefs set by senior designers according to current trends and ideas, working with a range of drawing mediums.

This has given me an understanding into the initial stages of commercial print design.

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Visionary Creators

Visionary Makers