Bernadeta Olszta

Specialising in Printed Textiles, my Interior print collection celebrates beauty and craftsmanship with a decorative purpose, through creating a series of intricately hand rendered prints and linos.

‘Young Poland’

My project draws inspiration from my cultural background and upbringing. Growing up in England, I was exposed to British artists and designers through the Prince’s Drawing School, which took place at renowned institutions like the V&A, Royal Academy of Arts, and Natural History Museum. At the same time, I also had a strong connection to Polish culture, community and traditions. This blend of influences has shaped the theme of my project, taking inspiration from the Arts and Crafts Movement.

My print collection incorporates historical symbolism and motifs that tell the story and reflect the identity of Poland. I explore hidden symbols in the artwork of the Arts and Crafts period, depict well-known myths and legends from around the country, and celebrate traditional crafts and textiles that are a part of Polish folklore. Through this collection, I aim to bring to life the rich cultural heritage and artistic traditions of Poland with my individual drawing style.

Here are a few glimpses and selected images showcasing my final textiles design collection crafted exclusively for Interiors.

‘Spring Migration’

Folk art and folk culture played a crucial role in reviving Poland in the 1890s, where storks held significant symbolic importance. These elegant birds represented life’s renewal after winter, representing the arrival of spring and the rejuvenation of life.

Application: Digital Wallpaper

‘Blossoms of Folklore’

Features intricate floral motifs blooming out of a vase onto the cushion, adding enchantment, creating a dreamy atmosphere.

The design showcases a captivating colour palette of ten layers, symbolising cultural richness and artistic expression of Polish folk textiles. This design invites you to appreciate and enjoy the artistic beauty of heritage.

Method: A screen print using pigment onto linen blend


‘Słonecznik’ meaning sunflower in Polish.

Sunflowers held great symbolism during the ‘Young Poland’ period, representing transformation and renewal. These vibrant flowers, with their seed production and association with the sun and light, served as a powerful reminder of new life.

This collection celebrates beauty and craftsmanship with a decorative purpose. My interpretation shares resemblance and correlations with the historic traits of the ‘Zakopane decorative arts’ style such as their conventional wood carving that resemble woodblock prints and have influenced my choice in technique of lino cuts which have then been developed into this print.

Method: A screen print using pigment onto linen blend

‘Legends Unfolded’

Legends unfolded takes us on a whimsical journey through tales of Polish myths and legends. As your eye travels down the wallpaper, so do the stories. Emphasising a rich narrative. The design invites viewers to immerse themselves as they gaze upon the wallpaper.

Application: Wallpaper

Method: Digital Print developed from a lino

Work Experience

  • Christopher Farr Cloth Ltd: Textiles Intern
  • Bay and Brown: Assistant Designer
  • Designers Guild: Studio/Product Development Assistant
  • Secondhome Interiors: Assistant Interior Designer
  • Fairbairn & Wolf Studio: Assistant Designer

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