Sofiia Suvorova

I'm a multi-disciplinary graphic design graduate with skills in illustration, 3D modelling and social design. I enjoy creating socially driven projects, as well as finding appropriate visual language to communicate complex messages in an accessible way.

Final Project

‘What’s your screen time?’

We are dependent on technology as never before, and spend most of the time in front of a screen.

Despite all the benefits and efficicency technology provides, it really affects our health – starting form lack of exericising, to eyesight-damage. Daily hours of screen time cause eye fatigue, blurred vision and short-sightedness as a result.

An Eye-care App was created to reduce eye strain while working long hours in front of a screen in a fun and playful way.

How it works?

An App is designed to take regular breaks from screen by doing some simple exercises, such as eyes rotation or blinking. Once starting a work session, press a button and receive a notification to do the chosen exercise every 30 minutes. This way, App users prevent themselves from eye dryness and blurred vision.

Who and Where?

The App was created for students, 18-25 years old, and is promoted through flyers and posters at university’s libraries, accomodation common rooms, student’s union.

How it was made?

I came up with the App idea based on my own experience, as well as a brief questionnaire among peers. The visual identity originated from experimentation, idea testing through sketching and feedback loops.

Other Work

Penguin Books

The project was created as a response to DA&D New Blood awards competition.

The Penguin Books briefs target was to attract Gen Z towards the brand through new merchandise.

My solution was creating something more than a set of notebooks, or bookmarks – I aimed to design an experience that would create new emotional connections with the brand.

An anonymous storytelling campaign elevates a sense of community, brings people together and promotes reading as a habit itself.

Little Mermaid book illustrations

The Little Mermaid book illustrations were made for an entry
to Mcmillian Prize for illustration Awards.

The brief for the competition was to make a set of illustrations for a story out of copyright for children under 12 years old.

In The ‘Little Mermaid’ I tried to think out of the box and convert 2D illustration into 3D, as I enjoy experimenting with new media and using new techniques in all my projects.

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