Emma Taylor

After graduating, I aspire to be a freelance illustrator. My passion is storytelling through illustration, from children’s picture books to public trails. I frequently gravitate toward character design.

Final Project


My final project is a children’s picture book designed to educate key stage one students about the importance of wildflowers and protecting our wildlife.

In general, there is a lack of enlightenment on how children can help nature in illustrative children’s books, so I wanted to create a book that encourages children to connect with the outdoors and plant their own wildflowers.

I wanted to spark conversation between new and old generations about how the UK landscape has changed since the 1930s.

Therefore, this book is educates children on the past and encourages them to bond with their grandparents due to the strong grandchild and grandparent relationship illustrated within the book.

This illustration portrays the moment when Flo wishes that the landscape was like how it was in her grandad’s childhood days (blanketed with wildflowers and full of wildlife).

Find A Feline

My 1st semester project displayed above, “Find a Feline”, is an illustrative cat trail aimed to help Lincoln’s cat cafe, Coffee Cats, re-home rescue cats after the pandemic forced hospitality businesses to close.

The project aimed to improve footfall, boost sponsorship and  educate young adults about rescue cats through way-finding and interactive QR codes. I am looking forward to collaborating with businesses in the future.  

Displayed above is the personas of my target audience.

Trail map design

Street furniture murals

3D street installation


  • DPS Award

Work Experience

In my placement year, Loughborough University’s ‘year in enterprise’ scheme helped turn my illustration business and Etsy shop into a reality. This year allowed me to build an Etsy shop, teach workshops at schools and create public trails for the local council. As a result, I gained experience and look forward to returning to freelance illustrative work after graduating.

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