Nikita Steinberg

My work is a delightful pick ’n’ mix of fine art and design qualities. I look forward to further pushing this boundary next year as I undertake a Masters in Print at the Royal Collage of Art.

Final Project

The Ten Toed Ballet

The Ten Toed Ballet is an alternative ballet production; conceptualised and created to be performed at the Barbican Theatre in London. Inspired by Oskar Schlemmer’s pioneering work with the Bauhuas Theatre; this 12-week project is an ode to surrealism. 

Split into two halves, the short film has been built on the foundations to visually communicate illusions through movement, set design and costume. These elements come together to form the overall motive; an ambiguous performance for the audience.

The Production

Producing a ballet from scratch with the addition of having sustainability and being money-conscious at the forefront of every decision has proved its challenges but I am so grateful for all the new skills I have learnt along the way.

I created the puppets using wire, cardboard, wood and spray paint which then attached to a DC motor enabled me to be hands free while filming. Improvising and juggling skills was an integral part of this project. From producing my own sound track to immersing myself in stop-motion animation, I have truly enjoyed every step of The Ten Toed Ballet.

Visual Identity

The Barbican’s visual identity is strong and distinctive. Inspired by the German Expressionist’s, their branding goes hand in hand with The Ten Toed Ballet’s visuals.

The dynamic aspects of the production is maintained through interactive street murals which will be projected onto the walls of the Barbican. This alongside eye-catching posters which will be advertised throughout the streets of London.

Journey to the Show

The Wondering Eye

This frame by frame animation captures the dangers of the wondering eye. Although innocuous, the consequences of the eye can backfire, in this case it is detrimental! 

An initial exploration into the dynamics of surrealism. Testing out surrealist elements through expression, mysterious storylines and sound.

Feasting On Students

Feasting on Students is a campaign in partnership with the National Union of Students UK (NUS) to raise awareness for students living in money-seeking, unsanitary and dangerous conditions.

Presented in the form of a dark satire cookbook, the idea is based on a landlord’s secret recipes created to abuse the treatment of student tenants.

Although light-hearted, the cookbook addresses serious issues which affect many students and their university life. With the ultimate aim to educate students on their tenant rights and encourage them to hold landlords accountable of contract breaches. 

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