Sihyun Lim

I am a visual artist, interested in creating moving images and telling stories to the audience through them.

Enjoy every moment – IMAX

‘Enjoy every moment’ is created for IMAX D&AD 2022 brief, about making the audience understand IMAX’s ability with a 1-minute video. This project leads viewers to experience three representative IMAX abilities and slows down the pace to make the viewers enjoy every scene.

Book cover design – Animal farm

A book cover design for Animal Farm written by George Orwell. Inspired by Christoph Niemann’s New Yorker cover design, AR animation was created to engage the audience to realise the satirical meaning of the book through it.

Enjoy every moment – Still images 1
Enjoy every moment – Still images 2
Enjoy every moment – IMAX
AR animation – Animal Farm
AR animation – Animal Farm

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