Sarah Lowe

Hi, I’m Sarah, a multidisciplinary graphic designer with a passion for campaign branding.

I enjoy taking a project through its lifecyle, from initial idea to finding my insight, to discovering a creative solution. Being an idea-driven designer, I always like to find nuances within my project area to help place my work within a niche, finding inspiration from media, culture and history.

My work showcases my attention to tackling modern, progressive social issues, using fun and innovative ways to tackle often complicated subjects.

Final Project


When moving out of home for the first time, Gen Z have to decide what to do with all their stuff. With 54% of these young people struggling with loneliness, and 45% living pay cheque to pay cheque, starting the new season of their life is harder than ever.

With busy lives, Gen Z are in need of a quick, simple service that helps ease their moving process. BUT Gen Z won’t use something that isn’t aesthetic, they pride themselves in their love of all things y2k, tapping into those noughties vibes to create feelings of safe nostalgia.

Packaging up eBay’s key virtues of being the OG online market-place, with millions of buyers and where (nearly) anything can be sold into a Gen Z approved format. Introducing… ebae: a 90s web style service acting as a pre-loved dating app. Guaranteeing quick sales, easy money and meaningful connections by pairing up pre-loved items with their perfect new lover.

App Screens
User Journey Map
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The Cosmic Crew

Sexist language has an impactful presence within schools, affecting a child’s confidence, self-esteem and view on their future prospects. These negative effects have a profound influence on society today, partly to blame for the lack of equal gender representation within jobs in society. Studies have shown that schools and teachers aren’t prepared to tackle this problem, additional resources and help is needed to solve the issue.

The Cosmic Crew is a revolutionary kids club, offering an alternative to the traditional, gender centric Scouts and Girlguiding clubs available for children. By building skills and promoting self confidence, The Cosmic Crew will encourage children to grow past the sexist language they hear in the playground, understanding that they can be whoever (or whatever) they wish to be in the future.

The Cosmic Crew Manual – How To Use Guide
The Cosmic Crew Manual – Cosmic Mission Tracker Poster
Promise + Values
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Badge Design
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Stephen Hawking claimed that, to survive, humans must leave earth within the next 600 years. Mars presents itself as a possible new home, but the prospect of space relocation is not yet accepted with open arms. With only 34% of society in favour of moving to Mars, steps need to be taken to change perceptions on spatial migration and ensure the survival of the human race.

Martius is infiltrating society; recruiting members, educating about space relocation and forming a devote community whose only efforts are to move to Mars. Through a pyramid scheme sign up, members are enlisted to recruit as many as they can to the cause, gaining rewards for themselves in efforts to build the Martian community here on Earth. 

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Work Experience

Diploma of Professional Studies

  • Warner Bros. Discovery
  • 12 month internship
  • Creative Services Home Entertainment

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