Shannon Nel

Specialising in printed textiles, I have a love of pattern and colour. I aim to create uplifting and stimulating textiles paying close attention to those suffering from dementia.

Final Project

An Elephant Never Forgets

A 1970s inspired printed textile collection intended for a dementia village in South Africa. I wanted to include sensory and interactive textiles such as this fidget ball. The ball is made up of printed, woven and beaded elements which provides textural qualities. It measures approximately 25cm x 25cm.

Elephant, acrylic A3

Incorporating the remarkable memory of the African elephant into my collection serves as a meaningful symbol, acknowledging the potential loss of memory in residents. The unique shape of the elephant’s ear bears a striking resemblance to the outline of the African continent.

Follow me

A padded wallhanging, measuring approximately 77cm in diameter. It features hand-dyed cotton with 1 layer VAT, 2 layer procion and 1 layer pigment print pastes. Finished off with brass nails around the edge.

Working studio space

Journey to the Show

A3, watercolour

Creating painted studies from the native flora and fauna which possess inherent healing properties. They also display an array of colours which stimulates creativity amongst residents.

A5, woven sample

Weaving to explore my colour palette whilst creating textured elements that can be incorporated in the interiors collection. This features porcupine quills which have been shed naturally. I would collect these as a small child on my grandfather’s farm in Thabazimbi.

Materials board

Exploring colour combinations and materials inspired by 1970s style. I combined this aesthetic with traditional South African fabrics; ShweShwe, Amafu and Langa Lapu.

Padded wallhanging with 3 hand painting solutions in a diamond repeat. It is printed on to dead stock, donated fabric. The silhouette of this hanging has been inspired by the traditional Isihlangu shields of the Zulu people. Again, it has been finished with brass nails around the edge, the design measures approximately 72cm x 110cm.

Work Experience

The L&C company interior designers –

During this experience, I had the opportunity to engage in a range of tasks, including fabric sorting, generating room sample cards, organizing fabric books, coordinating the return of samples to manufacturers, creating confidential client files, and working with spreadsheets pertaining to purchasing activities. Moreover, I actively participated in project proposal meetings and had the privilege of meeting with private clients, gaining invaluable insights into the company’s process of transforming design visions into tangible realities. Having this understanding provided me with a profound appreciation for the extensive work and meticulous considerations involved prior to finalising designs. Furthermore, the incorporation of architectural elements, such as floor plans, infused a mathematical and analytical mindset into the role. I particularly relished the opportunity to curate designs that aligned with specific project briefs, as it paralleled tasks encountered throughout my academic pursuits.

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