Jolana Ludvikova

I am a thoughtful and multi-skilled designer with an interest in new trends and technologies. As a Graphic Communicator my key strength is devising ideas. Nothing makes me more thrilled than thinking of a brilliant and original project idea/design.

Final Project

Under Mother’s Umbrella

The brief I set myself for this project was to create a product for mothers with empty nest syndrome. I decided to create a book because it is a perfect way to tackle this issue through the use of emotions, while also enabling me to further develop a lot of graphic design skills since this was a solo project.


This product would be sold under a company called Umbrella Books. The idea behind the product is that a child who is planning to leave the nest would have this book made for their mother. The aim is to provide comfort to the mother and make her still feel connected to her child and ensure that she is loved. 

Outside of Product

As a designer, I try to think about how I can push a project further and make it different. In this brief, I achieved this by taking the capabilities of a book further through E-paper. The image shown to the right shows the cover for the product and within lies the E-paper and the illustrated book. 

Illustrated Book Inside

There are personalization aspects such as writing and photos throughout the illustrated book. This allows the mother to feel more connected to the story and remember some of her own memories. 

The illustrated book has a storyline about a mother and a child on a journey with an umbrella. The story is meant to be sweet, however also give insight and reassurance to the mothers about their current situation. 

Other Final Year Projects

AR Penguin

This project was entered into the D&AD New Blood Competition under the Penguin Books brief. The aim was to make the Penguin Books brand appeal to Generation Z through three pieces of merchandise. To make the Penguin Brand desirable to Generation Z I used the themes of technology, connection, and self-expression.

The products that I created also aim to show that merchandise does not need to be just an item with a lovely image on top. Although my three merchandise items look just like that,  they actually contain AR technology. This allows the items to be interactive and customisable.

Through the AR Penguin App, the users can modify the white blank area. There are no limits on the number and types of customisations. Through the AR personalisation feature Generation Z can share their favourite thoughts and feelings about books in real life.

Netflix Community

Netflix Community is a branding and UI project that aimed to help young adults who are experiencing loneliness due to living alone for the first time. The proposed solution is an expansion of the Netflix streaming service with a new app that would make watching Netflix an interactive experience. 

There are different communities in the app that are separated by genres of TV. Each of the communities has their own mascot that also corresponds to the design theme of each app room.  

The aim of the app is to give many different options to the user on how they want to interact with others. Some of the options include watch parties, chat rooms, live events, and creation sharing. The app offers many more features that would excite TV fans while making them feel comfortable and safe. 

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