Sarah De Costa

My goal as a creative is to enrich people's lives through sustainable change and meaningful design. I have recently completed a year-long industry placement and am open to graduate work opportunities.

Final Project

Helping Parents Increase the Longevity of Uniform

Repairing clothes is a cost-effective and eco-friendly practice that has been overshadowed by the rise of mass-produced clothing. ‘Patch It’ revives this practice by providing parents with a helpful tool to repair holes in their children’s school uniforms. The product assists them in creating seamless patches using a patch maker and press. The aim of the product is to alleviate the stress of back-to-school shopping and provide a calming and gratifying activity.

Designed to be Intuitive

Developed with users and sewing experts, Patch It has been designed to intuitively take users through a step-by-step process depending on their needs, without the need for long, confusing instructions. The product utilises labels and icons to mimic the easy-to-understand UX of a phone. ‘Patch It’ will be part of a range of intuitive products/ tools that help people care for their clothes called ‘MendWell’.

Designed to be Ergonomic and Safe

The product is designed to accommodate a wide range of adult users and is comfortable to hold and interact with. Safety mechanisms have been put in place to add an extra level of security in case an unsupervised child gains access to the product. The product has a minimal design to suit all homes and splits apart for storage.


In my free time, I volunteer as the social secretary for a cultural community association which holds a yearly fundraiser for our place of origin. As well as leading the organisation and marketing of the fundraiser, I have helped establish a brand identity for the association to ensure that the community will thrive for generations to come.

Work Experience

I have completed a Year in Industry at Aday as their Product/ Technical Design Intern. Aday is a direct-to-consumer apparel brand which creates versatile clothes with a focus on sustainability and conscious consumption. After working on the technical development of countless products and assisting in other projects such as the creative direction, I led the design of an upcoming travel collection of multi-functional accessories made from durable materials that could be used to go to both the beach and the office.

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