Jordan Davies

With everything and everywhere I go, I seek adventure. I live for new experiences and growing as a person. I intend to bring this into my career as a designer or whatever the future holds for me.


Safe₂O Water Safety Device

The sewage detection system for lifeguards to prevent poisoning themselves, and bathers, in the waters they protect.

Achieving this through a rugged screening device, utilising fluorescence spectrometry, able to detect faecal coliforms in water.

Data is rapidly communicated to the UI for instant review from the user. It is then relayed via the Safe₂O app to bathers.

Working closely with Brighton and Hove Seafront office and swimmers to ensure the product fits into the users’ routines.

The Safe₂O App

Creates a user friendly interface for water goers to browse swimming locations, reported by lifeguards detailing sewage and conditions, as well as the history of the location.

Testing with passionate swimmers and surfers lead to a simple and effective user experience. Empowering people to feel safe in the waters they love.

Further to this it allows swimmers to become stewards of the areas they swim by being able to take action rapidly in response to sewage events. Achieved through signing petitions and contacting government officials to demand cleaner water, within the app.


Through 3D printing and machining an interactive aesthetic prototype was constructed for user testing and evaluations.

Robust Design

Water tight sealing, using gaskets and O-rings, keep the internals protected to keep the device IP67 waterproof. Constructed from UV resistance ABS and TPU rubber. Keeping the device in service for long periods of time.

Dock Charging

Charged via an induction charging dock overnight, ready for the lifeguard’s shifts the next day.

Designed for Manufacture

All components housed and custom parts engineered for injection moulding to achieve the complex forms.

UX Design Project


A near future concept app helping members of a renewable energy community manage their micro-grid activities. Focusing on how positive community interactions can take place in a future where we need to adapt to work better as a collective to optimise our energy consumption.

RSA- Student Design Awards


A future farming concept, imagining a new relationship for landworkers and plants through a human-fungi-plant symbiosis. Tapping into the potential of the mycorrhizal fungi network, communicating through electric signals.

The system consists of MycoPod probes set out throughout the farmers land, mapping nutrients and water, along with boosting natural uptake of these. Paired with the monitoring and control app. Empowering farmers with coherent and real-time data of what is occurring within their land.


  • Shortlisted group project for RSA SDA (TBA: 30/05/23)
  • Diploma of Professional Studies

Work Experience

2022 – Falcona solutions – 10 month placement – Design intern.

Working across the company to gain broad experience within an innovation and manufacture setting. Gaining key experience in understanding supply chain and production management, logistics innovations and the impact of good design to gain a market edge.

2022 – Visual signo – 4 week Semiotics project .

Working with a Brighton Sushi restaurant, Tropical sushi, to update their brand image, developing a strong identity in order to help their business grow.

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