Sarah Charman

I am a multi-media designer with a passion for textiles and creating, I am inspired by art and love using bold colour in my work.

Final Project

Avoriaz in Abstract

This project explores the relationships between art, architecture and fashion through a gender neutral collection of adaptable textiles pieces. Clothing able to be enjoyed on and off the body, inspired by current concepts blurring the lines between work and home/public and private clothing. 

Poncho, quilt, scarf and bag
Photograph of Avoriaz

Primary Photography

I drew visual inspiration from the unique architecture of the French ski town Avoriaz and modern art. 



Initial collage from found materials.

Sublimation print

Sublimation Print

I used hand painted sublimation transfer to explore colours and shapes.

Quilted and sublimated poncho

Quilted Poncho

Drawings and collages were translated into the processes of quilting, sublimation printing, fabric manipulation and jacquard to explore forms on the body. 

Scarf and Bag

Made using fabric manipulation techniques, to create padded 3D shapes. Colour is at the forefront of this collection, learning from art and incorporating this into my design outcomes.

Padded scarf and padded sack bag
Patchwork quilt

Geometric Patchwork Quilt

Avoriaz itself is an adaptable town, able to seamlessly transition between winter and summer seasons. My concept of adaptable clothing suits this environment well, the pieces can be worn as fashion garments in the winter to keep warm and still be enjoyed in the home when summer comes.

Sublimation Print on Jacquard

Woven with a mix of Polyester and viscose threads to create different colour effects from the sublimation paper colour transfer.

Repeat jacquard
Jacquard on loom


Three weft double cloth jacquard designs inspired by abstract drawings of Avoriaz.

Digital Prints

Geometric repeat print fabric samples, made using photoshop.

Digital repeat prints


  • 2023 Diploma of Professional Studies
  • 2021 2nd Prize Milliken Live Project Competition

Work Experience

Hermione De Paula, Hand embroidery and beading intern – In this placement I developed a range of hand embroidery and beading skills, including appliqué, creating 3D flowers, and experimental embroidery sampling. 

Imogen Heath, Studio Intern – This role included preparing sample packs, fulfilling and packing orders, cutting and overlocking fabric and general studio tasks, which helped my understanding of running a small studio business.

Jenny King Embroidery, Studio Intern – In this role as a studio intern I prepared artwork for embroidery and assisted in the preparation of multiple projects for fashion, film, theatre and interior.

Fusion CPH, Studio Intern – This placement was a design role in Copenhagen, I greatly developed my photoshop skills in creating repeat patterns for commercial prints and experienced the running of a fast paced print studio.

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