Jean Sofia Akua Cameron

I am a dynamic textile designer and creative, exploring engaging narratives that are translated into flowing designs that intersect a variety of textile processes. The processes that I traverse include, but are not limited to digital embroidery and digital printing.

Final Project


Florilegium explores the intersection of the transition of flora as they dry out and women of African cultural backgrounds finding spaces of unity, as they transition and adapt to unfamiliar cultures and environments. Drawing on themes of collection and cluster, and interviews from young women of African cultural backgrounds, I designed a collection that spoke to these themes and their stories of unity.

Here I have a design of illustrations of the women that I interviewed, which was digitally printed as a final design.

Frayed Sample

Drawing on themes of cluster and collection, this hand frayed linen sample was added to a larger frayed sample, that was made through the process of digital embroidery.

Jacquard Design

This is a digital interpretation of a larger jacquard sample which draws on the intertwining stories of finding spaces of unity with family and friends. I used abstract shapes and forms from drying flora.

Pleating and Patchwork

I wanted to explore processes that show repetition and textures that show a harmony and structure. The gathering in the pleating shows a unified structure, while the strips of fabric embroidered are tied together with one design.

Journey to the Show

In the development of the project, I experimented with double cloth jacquard, shown in a sample above which draws on themes of cluster.

Through the draping of pleated fabrics, I wanted to showcase the context and application of my designs towards a womenswear collection.

Another process that reflected repetition in an effective way was laser cutting. Thus, a cut out pattern was created on digitally printed bull denim.

Other Work

A digital print drawing on themes of flora

Semester 1 work, exploring floral patterns and focusing on the “pohutukawa”(or Christmas tree) flower of New Zealand.

Work Experience

Interior design intern at Second Homes Interiors August 2021-October 2021

Textile design intern at Printex Ltd based in Accra, Ghana Oct 2021- March 2022


Diploma of Professional Studies

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