Maisie Corton

A textiles designer exploring surface and texture with ceramics, plaster and woven jacquard designs, inspired by the natural world.

Final Project


My final project is inspired by cave and rock forms, and I have explored the relationship between hard and soft textiles. I have used a range of materials and processes including jacquard, ceramics and plaster. The colour palette is calming and neutral and I have created a range of products to be used within a multipurpose cafe space.

A key part of my inspiration was the city of Nottingham, and I have taken visual inspiration from the underground cave network within the city centre. I have created a range of jacquard samples alongside hard furnishings such as chairs, lamps, and tableware, exploring varying surfaces and patterns.

Final Pieces

Jacquard Designs

Work Experience

Fusion CPH – studio designer, 3 months

Amanda Kelly – studio assistant, 3 months

Claire De Quenetain – assistant, 1 month

Drift Clothing – small business owner


Diploma of Professional Studies

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