Final Project


My practice integrates the exploration of human embodiment in relation to our natural surroundings. Striving to convey the influence of environmental elements on our perception of a landscape.

Through printmaking, I create subliminal landscapes that evoke memories and sentiments of being in nature. Through the use of personal memories as the core of my work, I aim to capture a sense of authenticity and personal experience. I have chosen to specialise in working on a smaller scaleā€”a deliberate choice that allows me to cultivate a sense of intimacy and personal connection within my art. By immersing myself in the intricate details of each composition, I aim to evoke embodied memories within the landscapes.

My degree show is an embodiment of tracing a transformative path from abstract exploration to refined subliminal landscapes. Through a diverse array of printmaking processes, such as Aquatints, Mezzotints, and Monotypes. The stretch of scale is at the forefront of my practice. Within the exhibition, viewers will encounter a captivating interplay between the tiniest prints, no larger than a matchbox, and expansive compositions reaching A0 dimensions. This deliberate juxtaposition invites contemplation and emphasises the profound impact that size can have on our perception of art.

Journey to the Show

For my upcoming degree show, I envisage creating a breathing space; an oasis where viewers can take a moment of stillness.

My intention is to offer an opportunity for reflection and introspection, allowing each person to rekindle their own embodied memories of their surrounding landscapes.

By inviting viewers to engage with their own personal narratives, I hope to forge a profound connection between art and individual experience.

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