Final Project


These photos show elements of my final degree show installation. using a mixture of organic inks and tracing paper. These pieces make natural patterns that emerge through the chaotic movement of water visible in colour.

The patterns repeat and branch, getting smaller, wrinkling the surface of the paper, creating a fractal density like that observable in nature.

The colours and shapes are abstracted from the natural scenes that inspire them. I find and highlight shapes like the branching of trees and the pooling of water amidst the forming pattern.

Journey to the Show

I make all of my ink out of natural plant-based dyes. I find that it provides an underlying unity, as the patterns that evoke an experience of nature are made out of the materials that it represents.

Additionally, these inks provide different opportunities than manufactured inks. The blue colour is composed of red cabbage.

This means that with the colour can be altered with the use of acid and alkalis, as well alterations to the intensity of the colour that can be found using heat.

Phyllotaxis I

I use other patterning found in plant life, phyllotaxis describes the arrangement of leaf growth in plants.

Phyllotaxis II

By cutting this pattern into the surface, the movement of the water adapts and shifts the patterning.

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