Final Project


An end of life service set in a future where space travel to Mars is viable.

This project is set in a future where mankind have reached escape velocity from death. Medical advances mean that individuals can, in theory, be kept alive forever.

Axon, however, believes death is a fundamental part of our journey as human beings. It is what gives life meaning and provides importance and value to our time on Earth. By utilising space travel to Mars, Axon provides individuals with the opportunity to embark on a one-way voyage. This service allows its users to take death into their own hands and enter into the next chapter of their journey firmly at the steering wheel.

Axon aims to encompass all religions, cultures and faiths in this final pilgrimage, but also strives to provide a perspective on life, and subsequently death, that transcends our differences and connects us before we die.

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A culinary teaching tool designed to help with the preservation of cultural heritage between generations. 

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  • Pearlfisher Fresh Pearls Winner 2023

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Philosophy – Brand and Digital Consultancy

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3 Colours Rule – Branding and Marketing Agency

6 months

IDENTITY – Independent Creative Agency

2 months

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