Daniel Fitton

Hi I'm Dan! I love the world of sport and I believe my artwork shows that side, with the inventiveness and dynamic visuals I love to create. I love utilising my experience and skills to solve problems within design.

Final Project

Show Face

An East-Asian Celebration

The Problem:

Since the COVID-19 Pandemic broke out from the Chinese town of Wuhan, East-Asian racism has risen by 300%. From verbal racial slurs to physical attacks. However, experts say data on hate crimes are incomplete and they believe many go unreported.

This is because not reporting would actually be a norm for survival in the country of origin. Staying silent corresponds to face-saving strategies, which are commonly practiced in East-Asian culture. “Face” stands for a good moral reputation and the loss of face can be embarrassing to an individual and can damage reputation.

This project aims to show face rather than to save face to lower the rate of East-Asian hate.

The Solution:

East-Asian sporting individuals are the few East-Asians that regularly show face. Emotions are high, celebrations are loud and you see it all on your screens. 

Celebrating and educating past accomplishments achieved by East-Asian athletes is the vehicle to communicate the impact East-Asian have had, not only in sport but in the wider society.

Working with Sky Sports to help communicate the message and to help spread the celebration via their platform.

Creating the ‘Show Face’ campaign.

Sky Sports

The Sky Sports website will be Show Face-branded and include a large amount of East-Asian sporting content to encourage the audience to educate themselves.

Achievements and stories for viewers to get involved with.

Social Media

Creating a buzz about the Show Face campaign through the Sky Sports social media platforms.

From Instagram stories to LinkedIn posts.

The Jersey

Show Face unveil their jersey in celebration of the most influential East-Asian athletes.

The jersey takes on more relevance than ever, having been designed as a symbol of solidarity and shared identity.

Strengthening the celebration.

Journey to the Show

Failed Fellas

The ‘Failed Fellas’ campaign aims to change that by raising awareness, as well as, creating a platform for support. The goal is to get rid of the view on a man’s social expectation in the workplace.

The ‘Failed Fellas’ website is the hub of the campaign.

Web-pages within the website that will offer professional support and a sense of community.

Working with Mind UK to help deliver the correct and experienced support to fellas across the country.

Switch Play

Football is the most watched sport in the world. However, that doesn’t mean everyone loves to watch the game. To get around the problem is to teach the target market the football jargon and terminology.

Once people have an understanding of the football terminology, they will slowly understand the game. 

How to teach them? Through an experiential campaign on the way to, inside and after the pub.

Post-experience, the audience will be able to visit the Switch Play webpage where they will be able to go through an A-Z list of football terminology to keep them engage with the game.

Work Experience

  • The Clothing Lounge – Working as an in-house Graphic Design Intern.
  • Make Honey – Working as a Design Intern within an award-winning agency

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